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10 Reviews for (ARP Pro SeriesMain Studs)

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10)
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ARP  ARP Pro Series Main Studs  

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

10JamesM36712Silvia"What more can be said? These are ARP Main Studs. There is nothing else on the market comparable. NOTE: Since this is often an upgrade product for Main Bolts, it would be a real benefit if ARP was able to provide general (if not specific) torque recommendations as these are for specific applications. Determination of proper torque is somewhat of an ambiguous process otherwise."
10Justin18658Supra"ARP pulls thru agian! Always a Superior product! Very happy and I'd give this a 10 for any stock or heavily modified motor!"
9William12772MR2"In my opinion, mandatory during a performance rebuild of a 3S-GTE. Bear in mind that you will have to clearance the flywheel-end of the oilpan. The extended length of the stud does not permit an unmodified oil pan."
10Eric17994Supra"Perfect fit. Even came with 2 bolts to replace the studs that go under the oil pump so no clearance issues were present."
10EricSupra"Super product! They fixed the problem with the 2 studs being too long by replacing them with bolts, stil lARP quality bolts, so you know it'll all hold perfect! I was ecxstatic to see this problem solved!"
10Eric1115Eclipse"Everything worked as expected, another greater product from ARP"
6Justin12278Supra"One of the Main Studs is way too long. It gets in the way of the Oil Pump. Had to shave it down about an inch."