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6 Reviews for (ARP Pro SeriesRod Bolts)

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10)
ARP Pro Series Rod Bolts

ARP  ARP Pro Series Rod Bolts  

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10siannahkaMR2"all good"
1Arthur111912Integra"I have used this exact product on four seperate occasions. The first three engines are still running strong. With this set of bolts however during installation one bolt snapped ( I followed torque steps and used the lube as directed by ARP). Once the bolt snapped it was clear that right in the center of the now two piece bolt there was an air pocket that had to have been created during manufacturing. I must confess I was both surprised and upset that the bolt broke. Even though this happened i still feel confident in using the ARP Rod bolts . I am glad this happened during assembly instead of operation of the engine. I have since gotten a new set of arp rod bolts from another source and installed them with no issue. I would recomend ARP brand to anyone anyday ."
10Nick80331Supra"Very easy install, high quality i have true faith that these wont come apart further down the road"
10Christopher46645Supra"Great product"
9Carl20738Corrado"If you are serious about your ride, ARP should be your only option."