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6 Reviews for (Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected BypassFuel Pressure Regulators)

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10)
Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulators

Aeromotive  Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulators  

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10Peter24588"I didn't feel any power gain but still looks nice and works excellent. No need to worry of running lean! Thanks"
9Fred20577"The product works well. I had to bend the supplied mounting bracket a little bit to get it to fit how I wanted it, but other than that, there are no problems with it."
10Thomas3458"exceptional construction, probably one of the best in the market, priced that way as well. All the parts you need to install, looks good under the hood, and easy to adjust with super sensitivity to increasing or decreasing FP."
10Ryan13038"Great product, EXTREMELY easy to install and easily regulated. A+ product."