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7 Reviews for (Apexi ATSExhaust Silencers)

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10)
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Apexi  Apexi ATS Exhaust Silencers  

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

10Jay98880"The Apex'i ATS (two of them) went into my Greddy Power Extreme exhaust on my 1991 Mr2 Turbo after some 11 hours of grinding them. The look awesome and do exactly what they promise. These things quieted the exhuast immensely."
9Samuel7869"Silencer works great, although the car did feel to have more sluggish boost response. Overall top-end power though, actually felt about the same, so it shouldn't affect all out acceleration IMO"
9Samuel7869"The valve definitely made the exhaust quiet without sacrificing a lot of performance at all. On a 380 WHP turbo Honda, I didn't feel any loss up top, but the turbo did spool a few hundred RPM's later than a straight 3" exhaust."
10Richard35905"These things ROCK - best mod I've done to my car - they allow for quiet and low end torque, yet they open up and scream when you go WOT - brilliant idea / design / performance. Get these!"
9Jesse21186"it great for those load mufflers and those stupid NJ pigs only got pulled over once because i gunned it and the valve released"