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7 Reviews for (Apexi GT Spec Muffler SeriesExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10)
Apexi GT Spec Muffler Series Exhaust Systems

Apexi  Apexi GT Spec Muffler Series Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

10Andrew69760RSX"Great fit, great sound, great look. i love it. im glad i bought it and recommend it for all!"
9Jeannette89129240SX"It has improved everything on the car except for the clearance. Because of the downward angle of one part I don't have as much clearance, therefore there are driveways, etc. that I can't pull into."
10Victor25853WRX"Great Sound and more Power is good"
9Fue28823Civic"it sounds hella nice, it hangs kinda wierd from where my exhaust is..but snap...wait til i put a Apexi Turbo in...whew...heheh this exhaust i think is better than the N1 exhaust.!"
10FueCivic"This sounds great! If you got enough moo-laa and want a good Exhaust...i highly recommend this one! thanks HPF"
10Chanze29Eclipse"I think this is by far the best exhaust for the 4g63, sound quality and performance is very noticeable and i'm 100% satisfied. Definetley don't sound like no honda!!"
10Steven2027MR2"The Exh. System was awesome. Was a perfect fit and is still beautiful. Gave it a much more aggressive run."