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30 Reviews for (Apexi N1Exhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
Apexi N1 Exhaust Systems

Apexi  Apexi N1 Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 30 Reviews  Write Review

8Matthew28781Civic"Easy install, beautiful welds, just had to tweak the hangers for a perfect fit like any other aftermarked exaust. Really loud and borderline obnoxiously loud without the silencer. Overall, a good cat-back for the price."
7WelDun1Impreza"Great Exhaust system.i've had it on my GC8 for about 4 months now and no complaints. The can is a bit on the Big side. Not that loud at idle but sounds decent at Wot.. I wish it was a little bit louder but i'm pretty happy with it. Easy instalation. Probably took about 25 minutes."
9Brenda48856Eclipse"The canister points up alot and is really close to the ground"
10Richard27243Civic"The product is excellent, and my thanks goes out to Kevin who took the time to ensure that i got the right product for my vehicle. i do want to mention that it does its job, i see an increase of awesome horsepower. And for installation was no trouble at all. Once again thank you Kevin for your expertise and your help. Later rich"
8Philip23157Miata"Great sound, reasonable at cruise and idle, deep and throaty at WOT, and pure heaven at redline. No provision for O2 sensor, not problem for 95 and earlier, has one hanger not used by my 96 but no interference."
10Thaddeus12908Eclipse"The quality of this exhaust was excellent and the fitment was perfect. The exhaust was packed very well to protect it during shipping. It also came with all the necessary bolts, nuts, washers, and gaskets."
10mikeCivic"put this in my 98 civic hatch with a b18c not cat if u like loud this is the exhaust for u. I love it"
10Shawn21267Eclipse"Screams like a banshee, great sound to it, not your everyday rice burner, has a nice deep tone, similar to a v-twin suzuki TL1000R, great throat, nice bends, welds, easy hookup and installation, under 10 minutes tops, pipes kept as straight as possible for maximun performance, HIGHLY RECOMMEND"
10chrisEclipse"I know this has nothing to do with but can you please notify me if you now of anybody who makes a bolt on exaust for a 91 eagle talon, with the 2.0 lit non turbo. thanks"
8PhilipMiata"I used this on my 96, fits fine but no place to put second O2 sensor. Probably wouldn't be a problem on the 94-95 OBD1. Also has an extra hanger not used on the 94-97, but does not interfere at all. Great sound, little louder than stock and a bit deeper. Wouldn't recommend using a silencer, just lose power and the exhaust is really quiet enough without it. Altogether a good piece."
9ShawnEclipse"This product is very sweet, direct fitment, the tip has a nice angle out of the back of the car, i like that the pipes were kept as straight as possible with no inteference to anything what so ever in order to keep maximum flow and performance... I dont, however see the point in the silencer, the exhaust is fairl queit at idle but when i rip on the throttle, she screams like no tomorrow. Not to mention Apexi N1 exhaust doesnt sound like a full out window rattling rice burner, it has a nice "throaty" tone. Great Product"
10John15318Civic"I have this exhaust installed on my 95 Civic Hatch which I am running a blown B16 in. Its a great looking exhaust that doesn't drone at highway speeds, even without the silencer. Put your foot in it though and this thing screams! I love it!"
9S13815Prelude"we damaged the midpipe on the hoist. I would like to buy another one. please advise as to how much and how long will it take to get one in.... thankyou"
8Lucas10368Eclipse"Very easy to install took about 20 mins, perfect fit, hugs the underbody well, feels like power was gained, looks really good, it is quiet at idle and gets a bit louder at WOT, i would recomend the Apexi N-1 if your looking for a quiet muffler that looks and performs great."
9Julius9718Eclipse"The N1 was easy to install and I did see power gains with the noise suppressor in and especially without it. the craftmanship is good and everything lived up to what I've heard about the N1."
10BrendonEclipse"i am running both the catback and downpipe on my gs-t and i must say the car is extremely under normal driving is extremely quiet and screams like a banshee when you get on it. i love it. i have had it ont he car for well over a year and no signs of rust anywhere ont eh canister or the piping. bolted right up to the car perfectly. A+ product."
9SergioEclipse"Everything was almost flawless except for a big weld bead inside the exhaust, (Long Pipe) Other than that the peformance / Look was great. Thanks again Horse Power Freaks for the great products."
9Jeremy7445Civic"great sound did not come out at an angle like it says its going to. still looks and sounds great. especially for being on a civic dx."
10Angella6304Eclipse"Awesome sound and look. the silencer wasn't needed because it doesn't emit a ricey annoying sound. Looks clean, sounds deep but very clean! Performance difference was noticed. Would recommend 100%"
9Alvaro2788Prelude"Nice Exhaust. It Slants a Bit to the Right, but other than that sounds great! Took of the Silencer the second Day. And Got a lot of Attention. Good for those days that you really want to Sound Off!"
9Chris1247Integra"very nice exhaust look and sound. perfect fit and has a deep sound under light throttle and a lil higher pitch under WOT but sounds awesome!"
9Sean5194Neon"This exhaust is AWESOME! It sounds awesome and the looks/performance are very good too. I have no complaints on this product, the installation was easy, everything just bolts right on. Couldn't be more happy with it! Also Horsepowerfreaks has the best price for it anywhere!!!"
10Fue2622Eclipse"product is great. simple install. good power gains. quiet exhaust, especially with silencer almost like stock."
10Eric992Eclipse"Quick and easy install. Came with all part nessisary. Had it on within 30 min. Nice deep sound. Recommend not using the silencer as it just didnt' sound as nice when on the throttle, but if you have to use it where you live, ya gotta do what ya gotta do you know."
10John5170Eclipse"This exhaust was great. It replaced an old HKS catback that was of lesser quality that rusted through. That was a nice 600 dollar mistake.. The N1 is very deep, has a great sound but isnt terribly loud.. Then again. I have a open to the atmosphere ext HKS Wastegate, so loud for me is a bit extreme. The store, horsepowerfreaks were very professional, great on delivery time, all in all, great service. I look forward to buying more from this store for my talon or wrx."
10Travis1669Civic"Exhaust sounds great and is a must have for a force-induction car."
10Scott922Eclipse"Great sound, a definite increase in power, and at a good cost from HorsePower Freaks."
10Roger1676Eclipse"This exhaust has worked out perfectly. It is super easy to install. It was a improvement in all catergories, power gain, speed, etc. I thing I like most about it is that fct that it is quite when I am getting on it and that is with the silencer removed."
8Erik409Eclipse"The N1 exhaust system is very good. The only thing i have a problem with, is on the N1 downpipe, it is 2.5" at the very beginning and then goes to 3". Other than that...flawless."