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29 Reviews for (Apexi PowerAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 29 Reviews  Write Review

10Brenden113902Supra"Easy installation. Looks awesome too."
10Steve26976Supra"The part installed very very easily. I was able to order the specific part for my vehicle as the model of my car was never made in North America. I haven't been able to road test it with the intake installed but while it's running, you can definitely hear it suck in more air, the turbo's spool very easily, the spooling is more audible as well as the stock BOV. Top notch product, came with everything necessary."
10Kongkeo96745Prelude"Easy to install and sounds really nice."
8TsupranamiSupra"Fits great, easy installation, great quality, good flow and excellent filtration, expensive replacement filters keep me from rating it higher."
10Mitch65192Supra"By most accounts this is the best air filter/intake for the mk3 supra. Easy installation. Fits right up to the stock afm. Don't expect to see a huge horsepower gain from this one mod. What you will get though is a little more noise from the engine, and you can hear the stock blow off valve. Also this is the first step for letting the car breathe better. A must for anyone wanting to get more HP out of their Supra."
8Eddie40094240SX"Had a little fitment problem, but made it work. Overall the Intake work very well."
9Andre41536RX-7"The installation was easy, even though the instructions were in Japanese and the diagrams we hand drawn. It came with all the accessories you needed to complete the installation. Fitment was excellent and the product was very well made. None of the brackets looked cheap or bent easily, the VAF adapter was cast aluminum, and the filter was held tightly to the adapter. After installation, a noticeable gain in the low end (specifically low rpm street takeoffs) where the car used to bog a little before, and a subtle growl from the intake after the aux ports open up in the midrange."
10KonstantinosMR2"This intake is great. First of all i wanna thank HPF for the fast delivery and the awesome service. This part was installed in less than 30 minutes. Apex could have done a better job with the instructions but over all i think it was easy. a bit faster spool up and a bit more power felt after the installation. i have no complains with this product. Thank you HPF."
10JonathanSupra"excellent fit, sounds good, turbo spools faster. Only possible issue is that the instructions are in japanese only, but it has sufficient diagrams."
9TakHan20524xB"great throughty sound, easy to install, better gas milage on my car 30km per tank."
5Radek32908RX-7"I buy a air cleaner from your company and the filter is not fiting to my car . What I have to do if I want return and exchange for a other one . Where i have to mail the filter and whether you give me mony back if I cant find the good one ????. Thenks Radek."
10Tim27813Supra"Easy to install in my MK3 Supra. Can hear the turbo spool much better now. Looks awesome. Great product."
8Sean82045MR2"The system was very simple, and easily assembled. The only issue I had was attaching the heatshield. The instructions were a little lacking in that department. Otherwise, I'd have to say it was an awesome purchase for my 1992 MR2 Turbo."
8JP27969MR2"Enhances the sound of the factory bypass valve, power seems to have increased a minor amount. the true benefit is a mucn nicer sound and a little better response. My only complaint was poor instruction on apexi's part as to where the brackets actually attatch in the engine bay."
10NickSupra"the product performed awesome, noticed a difference in acceleration and spool of the turbo. The quality is great, and you can now hear your stock BOV very easily along with a sucking noise when under boost. Great product, really cleaned up the engine bay too by removing that horrid stock air box."
9Yosef23645Supra"This intake is great, I'm really happy with it. I noticed the difference right away. It sounds much better then the muffled air box and looks beautiful. The only reason I'm not giving it a 9 is because the L-bracket that came with it didn't really help me mount it to the frame, I came up with something else.... plus the instructions are in Japanese... which irritates me just a little bit."
10Frank21347Supra"The intake was pretty easy to install did not notice to much of a power gain but there still was some gain. The quality is good and it sounds awesome."
10Dave19423Supra"This air intake filter is the best of the best! You can hear the turbo spool up faster when compared to the dirty stock filter. It looks good, installs easily, and enhances your cars performance! -Dave"
10Shauncey19184MR2"Excellent product!!! Installed within 30 minutes. Great low end gain, literally put me in my seat... Cheap way to gain horsepower and torque, its a must for turbo cars, especially MR2!!!"
9frankSupra"This intake is awesome it makes the turbo spool up fast and makes the bov sound so nice! It wasnt that hard to install after i figured out the japaneese instructions."
9James8521Supra"Product is performing well, relatively easy to install, obvious power gain, increased mileage. Should have put it on sooner."
10Michael15246Supra"Directions from Apexi weren't the best but it was a simple enough installation. Felt very strong gains and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some more easy power. Also made turbo spool very more loud which was very cool. Blow Off Valve is extremely louder as well."
9Jordan14980Supra"I am very satisfied with this product I noticed a slight horsepower gain. This intake also makes a sweet sucking noise, a quality product with good fitment just a little spendy."
9Sharon9225Supra"This part works great but like all the other idiots like me i did not know it was only for an aftermarket airflow meter, so i did the toilet part intake mod and it worked for about a month, but to use the stock tube that it comes with you will need to purchase a 4" silicone coupler, and cut a good deal off of the tube apex sends you then it works fine."
9Cory1580240SX"Fitment was good, the adapter doesn't fit flush with the MAF. You have to use some RTV to seal it good. The adapter is also square, so, it doesn't quite match the round MAF. Looks great, excellent quality filter."
9Chris1247Integra"good filter. lasts long. awesome quality. i deducted 1 point cuz one of the two brackets to hold it in place didnt fit for me. not a big deal cuz it only needs one."
10Fue2622Eclipse"very good intake system. best system out there. noticeable power gains."
5Ryan1801Prelude"maybe have better descrition of the product when i bought it i thought it was a short ram intake all it was was an elbow part worked well but just didnt get what i thought it was."
10Weston1855Supra"Great construction and quality. But when you want the best you pay for it.."