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18 Reviews for (BG Suspension S2Springs)

Overall Rating (8.4 of 10)
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BG Suspension  BG Suspension S2 Springs  

Overall Rating (8.4 of 10) - 18 Reviews  Write Review

9Kevin71349240"springs are very nice. much softer than my last set(IPD brand). They ride really nice but still have the stiffness that I like for cornering. I rated them a 9 only because I have not had much time to drive them."
9MR2DaytonaBlueMR2"Exactly what I needed! Rebuilt my steering and suspension on my 85'! End links, Bushings, tierods, ball joints. Struts and a set of BG springs! handling is amazing! car looks great too!"
10Josh37109Integra"I purchased these springs and the are a great product. They lowered the car just enought o fill the fender well gaps and gave the car a very clean look. The ride quality is great too, I would buy these again given the chance."
7Brian58896Aveo"These could be stiffer for my taste-- but that wasn't the real problem-- I couldn't find any decent shocks anywhere for the '08 Aveo5 I installed these on..."
8HarleyCM5"Great value. They have the same stock feel with less travel. For $250 I have no complaints."
9Aaron56749240SX"I didn't give it a 10 because those are resevered for rating hot chicks. Other than that, the springs were great. The install took about three hours total (had a lot of hard to reach bolts to get out of my way). The springs were put on bad struts and still performed great. My nissan is light enough that the springs really put the handling in the bracket I wanted. I can hit corners fast enough to worry about my tie-rods snapping before my car starts to roll or slide. To this day, they are functioning fine. I have not made it back out to an Autocross event with the full set but will towards the end of fall. I expect this will drop my times a second or more on the course. If my car wasn't leering at death, I'd take it to an actual road race course and have some fun."
7Robert50239A8"Nice looking spring set. Installed with minimal trouble. Had stock springs with the stance low in back and was looking for level or a good rake. They lowered my car .25" all the way around. A nice height, but still low in the back. Kind of puzzling."
10Casey50586Supra"Awesome springs for a great price. Changes the overall appearance of the mk3 and looks nice, handles even better! I installed these on KYB GR 2's, which are awesome too."
9AaronSupra"Overall a great buy for the price. I agree that they are a bit tough to get together, but well worth the effort. The give the car a great stance and have been fine for several thousand miles now, although they exagerate the fact that I need to replace old worn out bushings. Bouncy ride means blown shocks, not bad springs."
6Derrick48884Supra"the springs road great at first but got bouncy after about 3000mls. the rear springs are good for drag racing but not street use; the springs allow me to launch at about 5000rpm's with minimal spin on street tires."
6Scott45032Elantra"dropped the front substasialy but left the rear of the car up in the air. Still rise and handle great"
8Jesse46148Mirage"The product worked good, i felt it more when i hit bumps and turned corners, the car stays on the ground & cornering is easy especially going 60mph."
7PeterMX-3"I love these springs because they help out alot all teh way around. launch, corners, stoping. the only complaint I have is they didnt quite make my car low enough to my liking. You can only tell its lowered if you remember what it looked like before"
10Jeff61467Supra"I must say, my initial thoughts of this product, for such a cheap price, would be an *okay* be temporary...but with my KYB GR-2 shocks...these springs have OUTDONE themselves. They ride GREAT, handle AMAZING, and are just stiff enough to hold it's ground. They are most DEFINATELY worth the money and I don't regret it one bit! :-)"
10Eliezer27984Supra"These Springs arent that bad especially for the price I paid for them. The installation was easy as 1-2-3, Of course a Tech installed them but he had no problem installing them. The ride height is pretty good as well. Not too high not too low just in the happy medium. Good product none the less. Deff. recommend them if you are looking for a lowered look without the big budget."
7Louis24643Supra"Ride's great difficult to compress springs to fit in the strut assemnly, other than that its a great product."
10Rob17206Grand Cherokee"Theese are a great set of drop springs for a ZJ. The install is very simple and strait forward. They ride smoother then stock and give a perfect stance."