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6 Reviews for (BM Precision Sport ManualShort Shifters)

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10)
BM Precision Sport Manual Short Shifters

BM  BM Precision Sport Manual Short Shifters  

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10Joshua69471Civic"great product ..well made and fit perfect with results as promised."
10thomas67896Civic Del Sol
10Austin54711Civic"The B&M Shifters are a great product, It preforms better that I could even imagine. Has a nice short, smooth shift and matches my vehicle manner perfectly. I currently own two B&M shifters and I recommend it to all of my friends."
5Rick240SX"This shifter is most probably a very nice unit. However after reading B&M's blast of MUCH less expensive models, let me ask how the hell B&M justifies well over $200.00 for their shifter??? Before they tell us how someone else's "will" damage one's tranny, maybe they should make ALL of their products, including shifters, more affordable for the average customer. BTW my son and I BOTH have turbocharged Nissan 240SX S13s with the "knockoffs" in them and have experianced NO problems!! :-)"
7Logan35225Eclipse"shifter out the box looks real short, but when installed its the same length that the stock shifter came w/ on my Eclipse:(, but when you are drivin and shift through the gears, they are much shorter then stock. whould be an excellent product if you chop it 2" or 3". overall a pertty good product....."