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7 Reviews for (Blitz SUS POWERAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10)
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Blitz  Blitz SUS POWER Air Intakes  

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

10LarrySC430"The Blitz intake was initiated by the Lexus dealer as a performance accessory. Yes it works, and I totally love the sound of my engine when stomping on the accelerator because of the Blitz. Brings back memories of the muscle car days, when we removed the air cleaner to hear the 4 barrels suck air. Little pricy just for sound but vivid memories are priceless."
10BruceWRX"Upgraded from a K&N and WOW! This filter makes all the difference, and the more mods the better. This filter provides the flow and help down low that every turbo'd AWD must have!"
8Lorenz30587Skyline"This Blitz intake is one of the easiest i've installed. Not only does it look really good under the hood but it performs. Nice horsepower gains after tunning thanks to the higher flow. If you got a Skyline, go Blitz! THANKS FREAKS!!"
10XiongSupra"simply the best......"
9Yamil15129Supra"Instruction in japanese . The illustration helped . Pretty much just plug and play kit . Easy to install. Great performance and cosmetic piece!"
9Toufue11876Celica"The quality is great and the stainless steel filter looks great in the engine bay. Performancewise it meets my expectations for just a intake system and power is even more noticeable in cold temperatures. Installation could have been much smoother with an English instruction manual instead of just a Japanese manual, other then that installation was easy and everything fits very well. It's definitely a good upgrade."
10Jimmy5537Supra"It looks beautiful in my engine bay and i love listening to it humm. You get what you pay for. thanks freaks "