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5 Reviews for (Borla T-304 S-S Catback Sport CompactsExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
Borla T-304 S-S Catback Sport Compacts Exhaust Systems zoom

Borla  Borla T-304 S-S Catback Sport Compacts Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

7Jason539143000GT"This exhaust system is great save for one thing: the right rear muffler had some minor issues being lined up with the stock hangers. Other than that the system is great. You can feel the power gained on acceleration and the sound is spot-on. Not so loud it becomes obnoxious but loud enough to let people know you are there and mean business."
9IsraelRX-7"this exhaust sounds and preforms great. the only problem that i have with it is where the exhaust exits. it sits to far into the bumber. i would have liked it to sit flush or out of the bumber. overall a great product."
10Andrew18579RSX"Easy install, Awesome product"
8Trent29925Vibe"the flanges were not the same size but it sounds and looks great"
9Amanda212463"This exhaust looks great it has a deep growl and seems to have helped on the overall horsepover of my vehicle. It has a million mile warranty so that right there tells you that it is a good product. Only complaint it I wish it was a louder in sound while revivng the engine."