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1 Reviews for (Borla T-304 S-S Catback Street CarsExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (6 of 10)
Borla T-304 S-S Catback Street Cars Exhaust Systems zoom

Borla  Borla T-304 S-S Catback Street Cars Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (6 of 10) - 1 Reviews  Write Review

6RussMagnum"The Borla system is quality and delivers on their performance promise. In that respect, it was everything I wanted. On the negative side, this system should never be put on a vehicle that is used for daily driving, the resonance is so bad inside the car that you can't carry on a conversation with anyone in the car or while using a phone. I had to add rear resonators and replace the 5" tips to make the system street usable. I would recomment the 112 version with rear mufflers for anything other than a show car."