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16 Reviews for (Brian Crower Stage 2Cams)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
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Brian Crower  Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 16 Reviews  Write Review

10David112406Civic"The Brian Crower stage 2 cam,s made a big improvement with power along with a nice low sound at idle."
10Jeremy93973Eclipse"they are installed, seem to work well"
9Nathan55844Eclipse"AWESOME CAMS!!!! They are great cams for performance minded people. The only con is that you will have a rough idle. If this is for a daily driver, I would suggest 264's or deal with the idle. I dont mind the idle."
10Justin52334Supra"The cams out performed my expectations for them and have sent my 7mge to the next leavel of compition. These are really a great cam."
10Jason50151240SX"This is a great, easy bpu for any one looking for a little more hp and a great exhaust note. Super simple install, and no other mods needed. Good for turbo and N/A applications."
9charles80610Supra"The cams went in great,didnt have to adjust the valve spring just like they say.(direct drop in).They make the engine sound great,especially at idle.Makes the whole car shake.Not sure the hp gains.Would have given them a 10,but the were labeled backwards.In the box and on the box.Still a great buy and great price."
10William46786EVO"AWESOME!!! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks HPF! Once again you guys are great!"
10Jeremy46633CRX"Easy install, smooth idle, went from 130whp to 173.5whp. It runs like a Stage 1 camshaft, but performs like any Stage 3. Well done Brian Crower. 20whp more than the Crower 62403s."
10William39614240SX"outstanding product at a good price. Just didnt like waiting for it to be shipped from another place of business"
8Michael38435240SX"The Cams are good and well prized for the KA engine, which is sometime hard to find parts for unlike the SR. My only complante is the Intake cam on RWD apps needs the back slot cut off to fit under the valve cover. I have my KA24DE up and running but my car is still on stands right now. getting new suspension very soon."
10StanB36788240SX"excellent product and your service is fantastic. I did run into one problem with Brian Crower install documentation and I spoke to Brian Crower and it was resolved quickly. Thanks So much."
9Bradley36555EVO"the cams are great, the car feels strong and they are very good quality. the car is alot faster now aswell. cant wait for my 50 trim kit."
8Gretchen36320240SX"easy install, fitment was perfect....has a slight lope to the idle...but didnt notice a big gain"
9Corey34756EVO"Great price for a well performing set of cams. Only reason they don't get a ten is due to the fact that I cut my hand open on an untrimmed piece of metal left over from the manufacturing. Don't worry, the lobe and bearing surfaces had perfect finishes and the the only rough parts were in areas that didn't matter."
10Ron34790EVO"Nearly stock idle. Power comes on 200 sooner at 2400 and makes lots more power all the way to 7800. Just keeps pulling."