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3 Reviews for (Centerforce Dual FrictionClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits

Centerforce  Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

9Ryan384423000GT"Part fit well on my 3000GT. No problems installing it. This clutch has a very light pedal, it was almost as light as the worn out clutch I was replacing (like I hadn't replaced it). But, once I got use to it, I like how it feels, and in traffic, it actually is easier to drive. It has a very sharp ingagement. It feels like you are going to grind it, but then it catches and immidiately transfer power. There is no delay. No exactly a racing clutch, but I think I made a good choice and that this will last a long time. I would buy it again."
9BrandonMX-6"This has to be the best feeling clutch i have ever Used, I have had it about a year or so and it is still going strong. I think it just got broken in actually, It holds great, Has a nice buttery feel to its engage/disengagement, and is an all around good buy. I origionally bought it so i wouldn't have to keep buying stock clutches, it has held up to both street and strip driving quite well. In any case if you do get a "race grade" clutch, Get this one, it's a very nice buy for performance, and everyday driving. I would like to thank HPF for selling this product at such a great price. I will also state that i will be doing most, if not all of my transmission related shopping through these guys."
9Mark35176RX-8"Performed great - faster take off at the line great - installed very nice and easy"