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13 Reviews for (Clutch Masters Stage 1 FX100Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
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Clutch Masters  Clutch Masters Stage 1 FX100 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 13 Reviews  Write Review

10Aaron93489Tiburon"This item was very easy to install, as I had the dealership do it. I noticed a big difference in the reaction of the clutch, plus a little more horsepower (wheels break loose easier), and acceleration is definately noticeable. So far I am very happy with my purchase!"
10Jorma103633Celica"This clutch works so well, I have a hard time taking off from a stop without chirping the tires, Cops look at me kinda funny when this happens. I hope I don't pulled over. This is an amazing product, much better than stock, I expect thate this clutch will still be in great shape even when the rest of the car falls apart! Again, I recommend this product, While the price is close to double that of a stock clutch, It's well worth it because I may never have to buy another clutch for my car...ever!"
9Sergey65666TL"the results are mindblowing! my car accelerates much quicker, instant throttle response, 30hp gain and 24lbs/ft torque gain (thats with an aluminum crank pulley)chatterings the only thing to really get over with, otherwise great upgrade for your everyday driver."
6Darren7585M5"Professionally installed, there is some chatter on engagement, very diff feel to OEM, lighter pedal. Bite is good, no slippage holds pwr well on lightly modded M5. only 6 because just run in (500k), if stays together I would rate higher. Overall pretty happy, OEM always slipped, has truely transformed the car into a real animal, chatter at low speed engagement is acceptable for the overall performance. Happy and would recommend."
6Jared60652Tiburon"I noticed the difference in the pedal, but did not really notice if the car was faster or anything else. So far the clutch kit has worked just fine for what i need it to do, But I have not driven the car to its full extent due to the time of year I got it installed, winter, I will find out a lot more come spring time"
10Ryan34811MR2"ZERO chatter. Used mine with a Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel. GREAT combo!"
8Marcos42360Prizm"Only problem was the throw out bearing, but other wise its great!"
8Andrew40762240SX"The clutch made my old car feel brand new! Grips well and has only slightly more pull than stock. Only problem is I had it installed by somebody else who did not do a very good job, and now my transmission is making a lot of noise."
10Patricia33316Tiburon"We have no complaints with this clutch. It fit perfect with problems installing. Thanks for the great service."
8Edgar30977240SX"The clutch masters 100fx clutch is working fine. Its cluth feal is different from stock. I'm happy with the way it performs."
8StephanWRX"Smooth engagement, kit was installed in combination with ACT Prolite flywheel. Even under harse drag conditions it performed great. Easy installation with alignment tool."