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2 Reviews for (Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 PuckClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kits

Clutch Masters  Clutch Masters Stage 5 FX500 4 Puck Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

9Alex50605Civic"performs very well. All the clutch you may need for a single cam, and can be street driven"
10John240SX"With this clutch I pulled 2 1.60 60' and several 1.6X 60' times with it.Great clutch if you don't mind an on/off clutch. This clutch did not slip at all when making 419 whp and 386 ftlbs to the wheels and 6000rpm clutch dump on 275 width drag radials, with a welded diff. I give this clutch 2 thumbs up and the price is great."