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3 Reviews for (Competition Clutch Stage 2 Sport CompactClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10)
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Competition Clutch  Competition Clutch Stage 2 Sport Compact Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

10LEVELSEV7NSTi"Great service, shipping time, and customer service I've grown to respect from horsepower freaks."
8Scott1039603000GT"So far no problems. Havent had the car at the track yet but will come early spring. Installation was easy with no problems."
8george96769Sentra"this is an inexpensive clutch kit this being said it is all ya need for a car with minor power improvements, cold air intake ect. not for nitrous aftermarket turbos or superchargers. all in all a good upgrade over stock for a driver but might want a little more on the track with an altered high hp motor.increased grip over stock but pedal not stiff. this is what i'll buy again. (im not easy to please) 02 sentra se/r spec v 2.5 litre with a few goodies"