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3 Reviews for (Cusco Version IIUnder Braces)

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10)
Cusco Version II Under Braces

Cusco  Cusco Version II Under Braces  

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

10Mike66613TSX"Although this lower frame brace is designed for the Acura TSX, it fit my 03' Accord flawlessly. Helped stiffen up my front end and has greatly improved the handling of my Accord. Great product."
9matt61295GS400"Product was as expected. Bolted up in a matter of minutes, very easy! This product is a great value!"
10John47313TSX"Very simple to install! I wasn't sure if the brace for the TSX would fit my 2k6 Accord, as some said yes and others said no, but I wanted to try anyway. It bolted right in as if it was made for the Accord! So if you want to stiffen up your lower front end, this is the way to go!"