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11 Reviews for (DC Sports Cat Back Stainless SteelExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
DC Sports Cat Back Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

DC Sports  DC Sports Cat Back Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 11 Reviews  Write Review

4cole45596xB"sounds great and doesn't make you sound like a honda performs well between 4100 and 5500 rpm so thats in the hi mid to top end off the powerband their was a small fitment issue causing the tip to rest against the outlet in the bumper causing a small part of the bumper to melt than their was the weld that held the tip on almost completely falling leaving only millimetres to hold it on had I not caught it it would have fallen off than when I made arrangements to return it the company thatruns dc sports had me go out of my way to provide them with information and proof and made it seem as if this instance was insulting to the company in a way the day of shipping they reluctantly gave me the address saying "do not share this information with anyone" the new one I rec hasn't failed yet"
9Aaron62176EVO"Sounds like a motorcycle. Best sound in Town. Touches the rear Bumper on my european EVO IX. Maby with the US Bumper there isnt a problem."
9colexB"the oem exhaust was a bit of a challange to remove but installation of the dc sports exhaust was almost too simple but at first the angle it was in after finished caused the muffler tip to melt a small patch on the bumper but with some shifting around it no longer touches the product quality was top of the line although the box corner was mashed slightly during shipping i can now run 80 in fourth and feel a boost in power starting at 3k rpm's and continues to red line"
10Aaron49036tC"this is the best product for the amount it cost...good horsepower gain and good sound"
10Zak34217Civic"BEST EXHAUST EVER!!! i really enjoy it with my headers and cat. makes a perfect sound. not that high pitched *wurrrrr* sound. real mellow. (still pretty loud though)..."
8Doreen33495Civic"This is an excellent all around exhaust. It was easy enough to put on in a driveway, yet is very high quality. It is a perfect sound range because it is loud enough for someone to hear you coming, but not obnoxiuos. The perfprmance is good so far. I can't feel much of a gain yet, b/c this is the only mod to my car so far. I would highly recommend buying this part. One thing, though not a big deal, the sizes of the nuts on the instruction sheet were off by about 2mm. Still very good buy."
9Glen52795tC"not exactly what i expected for looks but it does its purpose"
9Anton30691Eclipse"This Catback system is great. My Eclipse gains more power and the sound is unbelieveable. Further more it is easy to install and of course it looks great on my Eclipse!!!"
10Guillermo46955EVO"fits like a glove,nice sound and performance."
9Rebecca22814xB"The product was very easy to install. At first, I noticed it had moved up itself up against the plastic of my bumper, but within a few minutes, I was able to adjust it and never had a problem since. I definitely noticed a power gain in my Scion, but it was also installed with a new header and cold-air intake, so I'm not sure how much of it was due to a combined effort of equipment. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this product!"