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Overall Rating (8 of 10)
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Overall Rating (8 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

10Eric27409Integra"It has not blown up yet. That's a good thing since the car is a RR track car."
8Oudom20425RSX"Minor issues while installing it. Make your you tap the driveshaft in securely and that it is locked in place. After that, it worked fine. I felt a considerable difference in the road handling department. The steering and handling of the vehicle felt tighter and more controlled. I'd recomend this product."
6Garrett20264Civic"Thet've held up so far. I got my car with some already on it, but the my car was jerking hard to the right one night, i looked the next day to find out the insides of the right axel had broken into 10+ peices. so i ordered a new one from here. It's held up fine so far, but if i lock the wheel all the way to the right and start moving, the axel clicks :s"