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7 Reviews for (EBC Yellowstuff Street And TrackBrake Pads)

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10)
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EBC  EBC Yellowstuff Street And Track Brake Pads  

Overall Rating (9.4 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

10Daren117982Altima"Work exceptionally well and the coating does a great job to seat pads correctly to Rotor. Cant wait to see how well they work on track."
10Fred7977Mark VIII"So far, the best street brake pad I have been able to find. Instant bite and very linear in feel, the more you ask for, the more you get. Have not been able to get them to fade, but I dont do track days. They throw some dust, but I expect this as everyone should, that is how brake pads work. These are now my Gold Standard for brake pads and I will be buying them for my other cars. Just follow the directions for bedding them in and that's it."
8Kyon120753CTS"Great stopping power from the moment I put them on they sure do bite.....felt like I did'nt have to even break them in. Only thing is they creat way more dust than expected but I can live with it. I prefer to stop every time I need to lol"
10Roger82535Tiburon"This is a very well invested item for Tiburon owners. You will real feel the difference. Perfeckt fitment"
8Shawn116057Lancer"The yellow stuff pads were very touchy at first. I had several days of driving on the pads & 1000 miles of highway driving with many hard stops to get the pads bedded in. I took my car to the track (Pueblo Motor Sports Park) & after 80 minutes of track time I was still not used to how sensitive these pads are. By the second track day I was comfortable with how much bite these pads have & was no longer braking much too hard. The pads have so much stopping power I can overpower the ABS system in my car. The pads did well on the track however, after you get used to the feel. The pads do make more brake dust, but that is to be expected with a pad like this. Also the pads have made almost no noise, which I did not expect. Not perfect but after you get used to them they are good. I have 2 tracks days & about 10,000 miles of daily driving on the pads, & I still have a lot of life left on them. I would buy these pads again."
10Larry54909MR2"Great pad for street and track. I was looking for medium pedal effort to help with modulation and these pads have exactly that, and they work fine on the street including cool weather. They held up fine at NHMS without much street break-in before hand."