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26 Reviews for (Eibach Pro-KitSprings)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Eibach  Eibach Pro-Kit Springs  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 26 Reviews  Write Review

7Rick20653Grand National
10Omar41495370Z" lowering spring"
10JuanPedro54777Civic"Good so far, better rate than TEIN H. Stiffer."
10dblazerMR2"Installed by Forged Performance, the springs lowered the car slightly, reduced body roll but actually improved the ride quality in conjunction with the Koni shocks/struts."
9Bader84068GTI"Very good springs....not jumpy, better handling and ride comfort than stock actually which I didn't expect. its kinda like an improved stock springs but one inch lower, I don't like very low cars so the one inch drop is just what i'm looking for."
10Patrick56192Cabrio"The parts fit like a glove. very easy to install. The ride hight is perfect, and smooth as a Cadillac. Very happy. I will use again. Pat"
10Chris39404Supra"The springs went on easy. I joined them with the kyb gr2 shocks. After it settled the lowering was exact and the stance is great. Great quality product. I love the ride and the look."
10hugo_boss2497Eclipse"very good product to use and not bouncy at all"
10Al45317Magnum"Installation and ride results went as planned"
9kevin74126Protege"its a great product and came mighty fast, installed my self on some tokico illumina struts i also purchased from u guys and it rides great, nice and stiff"
10Roberto42278A4"Thank You Great shipping, item as described , good service, item came in good conditions and goog packing."
10Jose41528Jetta"This Springs Really do their job. my car´s look it´s great, down for about 1.5", not so short, not so high, exactly where i want, the clear space beetwen the car exterior body to tire its about 1". it´s looks like an original euro-sport car. And the feel its very good too, more confortable than the original, smoot in the little bumps, tight in the big ones, belive me, you´ll not disapointed with this, the grind in corners are much better too, faster. this is the better sprigs kit i ever buy, in my others car i installed another brands & the result was a very hard and unconfortable suspensión, not in this case, the feel is much BETTER than other and than the original too. The installation was very easy too in about 2 hours in a local tire shop."
8Roger41825300ZX"It hard to tell how well the springs themselves performed because I changes to KYB AGX Shocks and Energy suspension bushings at the same time. I can tell you that changing all 3 stiffened up the car so well I instantly shave 3 seconds of my time on a 1 mile autocross track and this suspension made my 300zx out perform my stock Porsche Boxster through the slaloms"
8CE40789Civic"These aren’t that bad, at first they where very stiff and I wondered was my decision correct. I had to take out the ultra-hump because I thought the weight in the back made them feel funny. One month passed and the springs settled and I have to admit they feel great with my KYB adjustable shocks. It took about 4 hours to install at a friends shop.It took a little longer because he made me do it while he watched. Great handling and response with a sporting look are very nice indeed, now if san Francisco would repair some of its potholes."
9Ethan41030Altima"Excellent ride, not too low with 18's on it and some camber. 4-door that hugs the road."
8Nigel59376STi"Stiffer than I expected handlingwise at slower speeds, but I need new shocks so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. Excellent around smooth fast corners."
8TravisS-Series"The suspension rode awesome. I even had the stock struts in there. Handled like it was on rails And my grandmother didn't even complain about the ride!!"
8Irvin28360S4"I had the Springs installed by professionals and my car rides about an inch and a half lower. So far, the ride around town and on expressways is firm but very reasonable and handling is excellent. They are on a 2000 S4 Audi"
10Robin23308Supra"i love the cars stance with these"
9Jimmy19284Eclipse"I have the Pro-Kit and Koni adjustable struts on a 98 Eclipse... These Springs were everything as expected. I had cut stock spring with stock KYB struts before. Now with these new springs the ride quality is superb, and can take corners at higher speeds with ease. This kit is somewhat easy to install, and for the money you could'nt ask for much more... I priced these spring at alot of places, and for the places you can trust HorsePower Freaks was one of my first choices. Thank You HorsePower Freaks..."
10chrisEclipse"great product, easy install if you have a spring compresser. after settling car was about 2 inches lower"
10Mike24232MR2"took awhile to get here but it was well worth the wait."
7Chris6823Camaro"I like the ride and handling improvement, but the front end sits lower than I thought it would. These springs lowered the front end approximately 3" on my 1974 Z/28."
8Mark1703Supra"good product"