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9 Reviews for (Eibach Sport line KitSprings)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
Eibach Sport line Kit Springs

Eibach  Eibach Sport line Kit Springs  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 9 Reviews  Write Review

9samuel19903"the eibch sportline springs were easy to install, look great the wheel arch gap is almost gone alittle bit of rubbing but not a big deal"
9Robert44725Civic"Installation was done by a professonal. The fuel economy got better by a couple mpg as a result of the better aerodynamics. Nice new lower profile. Better not go over speed bumps too fast or you will bottom out - and NEVER try to go up and bump the curb when parking or you will be sorry. Vroooooooooooom Robert Joki - 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Custom"
10James47934Jetta"My wife installed these herself in a few hours on her '06 Jetta TDI. She is running 215/35/19's and it rides close to stock with a lot more of an agressive feel."
8Joshua28005240SX"These are great springs. the ride is very nice even on bumpy surfaces. I only wish they would have lowered my car more and that they were firmer, (240's are to high from the factory) If you want a good lowering spring for your car go with the sportlines."
9Victor25853Civic"very good look mi car whit this!"
10EmmanuelMierC36424Civic"perfect for my vehicle"
9RayFocus"Installed springs in about 4 hours (by myself). Still using my stock dampners for now and the ride from the springs alone is very nice. The stance is awsome. It works well with my 17" "Konig Unknowns". I ordered the springs on a friday and recieved them on the next Wednesday morning. Horsepowerfreaks ROCK ! ! !"
9JohnEclipse"The perfect drop"