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Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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Fidanza  Fidanza Built To Fly Flywheels  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 67 Reviews  Write Review

9SubtempMR2"It installed great and car accelerates faster then what it use to. Was built great. "
9Leader4236MR2"After the break in period with my new clutch i have no complaints."
10Dylan26517MX-6"my Mazda mx6 performs like a monster and raves up like no other I'm loving the lightweight flywheel Thanks horsepower freaks for your reliable parts and good shipping"
10Saheed38396STi"Havent installed all the parts yet and the project is comming along greatly. i am urrently deployed but will b home soon i hope to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Thanks for the suggestion Russ"
9Chris51282Tiburon"I have had this fly wheel in my 03 tiburon with the 6 speed trans for a couple years (4 i think? ) Its worked great no issue so far. The only reason I didnt rate it perfect, is because (and i knew this going into it) it is a lighter than stock flywheel and the initial issue I had was it was a lot easier to accidental stall the car out. Chalk it up to getting used to it, but other than that no issue no flaws, would DEFINITELY purchase Fidanza parts again."
10Jorma103633Celica"I am more than happy with the way the addition of the Fidenza flywheel and Clutch masters clutch are performing, I find that my 1992 Toyota Celica GT runs so much better, I highly recommend the addition of a Fidenza and high performance clutch to anyone who races, or not. I'm not racing, But I do drive with a higher sense of purpose than your average daily driver! Asking me what I think about the Fidanza Flywheel..... I LOVE IT!"
10Mauricio98577Sentra"This is a upgrade worth doing it, noticed that acceleration increases and decreases a lot faster and because of the less stress on the engine the vehicle gain speed way faster. I would be buying more stuff from Horsepowerfreaks if they had more stuff for my car,their prices are not that bad..."
9zachary94188Integra"very awesome i seen a big power gain."
10maxime99948xA"Installed on my 05 Toyota Echo hatch along with CM stg3 clutch and Scion XB tranny (4.3fd). Really improved my trottle response. Whole engine feels better."
9choong16794Supra"must have item. less stress at a enging turbo spools faster. good fitment."
10Garrison92100Civic"This flywheel was a big imorovement over stock. Fairly easy to intall. I notices my engines revs up faster and the transition between gears at higher rpms is much smoother, Highly reconmended."
9woodyEclipse"Great quality A++++++"
10Jamey41951Camry"This flywheel was an exact fit for my 3vzfe. The car revs like crazy plus the cost wasn't much more than OEM. So it's deffiantly a no brainer!"
9Fred38513Supra"good quality, about 5# ligther than oem, it feels good also put in a centerforce clucth had a k&n and 2.5 exhaust after obx headers car feels great!!! had concerns about quick loss of rpms while not hitting the gas with a ligther flywheel but not an issue, maybe larger diameter flywheel, but then you probably have a v8 and the engine can overcome that. As for install all the holes macth a little hard to sit on crank (to be expected) I used mapp gas (didnt help much by itself,do it away from the rear seal or pilot bearing) so I used that and the old crank bolts (light impamct gun to seat it in place, if you hit it too much and snap one don't drill it out chase it out with avery small and sharp chisel it works) order new flywheel to crank bolts hpfreaks carry them, I wish they also carried preassure plate to flywheel bolts, maybe they do now? (my local toyota dealer couldn,t help). The Fidanza instruction sheet said to torque flyweel to crank bolts to oem specs (I belive thats 54 ft-lb ?) and preassure plate to flywheel @35 ft-lb, one of my bolts snapped not even @ 25ft-lb (maybe metal fatige as well), checked my toyota book I think is like 14 ft-lb I should have figured that out just by looking 2 the size of the hardware (i guess they mean the flywheel threads can hold up to 35 ft-lb) anyways got new hardware stronger, locktite and went to 20 or 25ft-lb got a 1000 miles on it now car feels great, have gotten hard on it 3 or 4 times since the 500 mile break in for the clucth and feels great, I don't anticipate any problems. if you gonna drop your tranny and upgrade your clucth, drop the extra $$ and get the flywheel."
9ricky78999Eclipse"just now putting the motor back in the car will update soon "
10James79883Accord"The flywheel was just easy to install but get the tranmission out wasn't! The new flywheel was lighter and instead of a center bushing, the new flywheel had bearings! This causes less friction and frees up even more power! My car is a daily driver with not alot of modes! I definitely recommend this flywheel as a replacement for the oem!"
10Harrison79292MR2"Recently installed. Perfect fitment. Great throttle response. Better fuel milage due to less rotational mass. Great buy!!!"
10Ivanov52613Supra"Great quality. Installs perfectly. 3kg lighter then the original."
10Dario565763000GT"Thank you for your support."
7DJ59267Supra"installation was a bit of a challenge because i had to heat the flywheel in order to get it on but other then that it went smooth. I didn't notice much of a difference between this and the stock flywheel as i had in other cars but overall it is much lighter then stock and seems to be holding up very well"
9David55790WRX"Excellent Flywheel. Engine does rev quicker in gear with this flywheel installed."
10Robert57134Supra"Everything is perfect and you can beat the sales team, they totally worked with me on everything!! You guys rock!! Thanks again for all of your help!! Rob"
8Zebadeah56752280ZX"this is a very nice product but be aware that you will have to modify your clutch slave cylinder rod to get this flywheel to work properly.. this flywheel is more thin then the stock unit and this caused problems on my 280z"
9Tyler52101Tiburon"part was everything and more highly suggested if replacing clutch at same time noticeable horse power and tourgue gain have nothing but good to say about this part"
9Zachary79339Lancer"As long as you have an impact and a torque wrench it's prett easy. It was way lighter than I even had originally anticipated."
9tylerTiburon"awesome addition to thecar new cluthc replaced with it and significant power increase revs alot faster and huge torque increase only problemis a little difference in gear box noise bu was told of this prior to purchase"
10Tony48077Miata"Absolutely the best performance addition I've made to my vehicle. Less than one-third the weight of my stock flywheel. Rev's extremely quick. Installation was a snap. Haven't brought my car back to the track since the installation to verify my performance, but my "seat of the pants" guess is that I've dropped a couple of tenths on my 0-60 mph. I am completely satisfied and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks HorsepowerFreaks!"
9Chad47588S-Series"the flywheel was great it made a noticeable differance in the power and take off in my saturn! hope you all like it as much as i have"
10Brad42817Escort"very good product great performance. would not have bought any other"
10Hubert43536RSX"It helps rev faster. Also when I upshift @ 9000 it goes down 250-500 rpms less than before due to less resistance so thats defenetly anohter plus and yes it's worth the money!"
5JameeSupra"product was labled for my car, a 2.8L 5mge toyota supra. it was a fidanza light wieght fly wheel. when I recieved the part, it was for a 3.0L supra. then I called customer service, and was told they dont have a fly wheel for a 2.8L supra. the bolt pattern on the end of the cranck is different from a 2.8 to a 3.0, but the transmissions are the same."
9Lasfeli39580Lancer"excelent product all around! easy fit and excelent power delivery!!"
10Adam37052Supra"great product,woke my supra na up,had to heat it up to install it no big deal,definate power increase,A+++"
8Trevor19446Celica"A noticable difference in performance."
10Taylor33748240SX"works wonders thanks h.p.f.!!!!"
10Vaughn33453Integra"I will tell yall when the project car is finish.."
10TravisS-Series"This was by far the best modification I have done to date. Every aspect of the car seemed better. Super fast revs, get ready to shift like a mad man!!"
8Angel23427Supra"Well made piece.Not installed yet so cant rate the performance yet."
6Chuck26995Civic"Its great i can feel the difrence in it and the speed of my civic the only problem i have with it is that i have engine chatter noise now but i can deal with that, its great though. thanks chuck d"
10JoeSupra"quality product. fit great, and made the car rev faster. great investment with it ability to be rebuilt."
10Matthew18023Eclipse"this is best upgrade i have ever bought .....A+++++++++++ very light perfect fit much faster revs SAY GOOD BYE TO TURBO LAG!!!!"
10Corey71443MR2"I can't really compare it to the stock flywheel, but it works well and has given me no problems thus far."
10Justin17861Eclipse"I was very pleased with your shipping, I felt a huge difference with the flywheel i got, noticed a bet quicker rev out, with my spec stage 3 cluth and the Fidanza Flywheel i was running an average time 0f 14.4 @ 94 and my best is 13.9 @ 95.6 with me 99' Eclipse GSX with apexi downpipe,exhause, greddy bov and intercooler piping and a turbo smart boost controller."
10DanielSupra"This product was nothing short of what I expected. No fitment issues at all. Noticeably faster revving in neutral and in gear. Excellent product."
9Daniel14928Integra"easy to install"
10Damien14322Supra"i love my flywheel. it fit just like a stock flywheel. also added a little performance to my car. thanks hp freaks"
10Doug16738MR2"one word "amazing!!!!" i am way way more than happy with this product. well over my expections and i did expect a lot from this. i am an avid drag racer and this has made it much more fun. first and second gear fly buy much quicker. the responce is crisp and clean. i will deffently buy this product again and would suggest it to anyone. just made the car a lot more fun to drive."
10Adam17888Starion"This is my 2nd fidanza purchased. My first one was installed wrong by a performance shop- the horsepower house, and failed, along with my clutch, 5 thousand miles later. The fidanza I received from horsepowerfreaks was in perfect condition, and all dowel pins, loctite, and instructions were included. Very happy with my purchase."
9Bernard15481MR2"A great product at a great price. The replaceble friction surface makes this a great product for the casual racer. The engine revs noticibly faster. A must have for the first generation MR2 owner."
8TimS2000"It is a bit easier to stall the car, but overall it provides a nice feel."
10KaiDale59136Supra"No fitment issues together with my HPF bronze kit. Allsow the engine revs quicker. spend the extra $ when doing a clutch installment."
10Michael12421Supra"Obviously with a 14lb flywheel you get gear chatter. I've only been driving on it for about 1000 miles, but in terms of craftsmanship and quality I've had no issues. Revs up and down a lot faster...need to shift faster to keep shifts smooth."
10Stewart12279240SX"install done with new clutch and trans engine revs quick and hard now very noticeable difference havent put on dyno yet but definitely worth doing"
6Nisar73263000GT"This LW flywheel was a nice addition to my mod list. It saves alot of weight from the drivetrain (less stress) and acceleration is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! turbos spool faster than ever and from a roll it makes instant GO no problem. It must have shaved at least .3-.7 off my 0-60mph alone. Downsides are that its hard to get going from a stop daily driving. You need to apply more throttle and slip the clutch a bit more. Same teqnique is needed for launching. Overall the plus's overcome the negatives. Thanks HPF"
8Jack20833000GT"Had no problems personally, but have switched to RPS flywheel because HPF said their 6 puck disc sometimes has welded to the Fidanza flywheel causing shift problems."
10Erron67183000GT"The Fidanza is a great flywheel. Bolted right up without any fitment issues. Overall, it made the car feel "lighter". It rev's faster and pulls through the powerband faster than before. A great product, i'd reccommend it to anyone!"
10Darrell90614Prelude"The RPM's seem to climb faster then before, I had it installed by a Transmission shop along with the TZ clutch."
7Gary3443240SX"Great mod, easy to install once trans is down. Improved rev response. Only problem was after it was installed everytime I started my car there was this noise. Ended up taking that starter out again and greasing the flywheel gear part, it took care of the problem. Good product!!"
10Nick3334Supra"Very quick revs! Complements my JDK Short shifter very well! Very Recommended!"
5Steve473240SX"The flywheel does not work with the Crank Position sensor, so if you have an OBDII engine, you will not pass DEQ in Oregon. I have heard that new versions of this flywheel do have it. Contact the manufacture to make sure."
7Derek352Eclipse"After awhile my clutch began to chatter more than when first installed. It's bit anoying."