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60 Reviews for (Fluidyne AluminumRadiators)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiators

Fluidyne  Fluidyne Aluminum Radiators  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 60 Reviews  Write Review

10icoSTi"more then i expected thank hpf"
9jabeeda71550Accord"this is a great radiator, cost alot but its worth it. keeps engine cool and working great at it peaks performance"
10NOLA_BB6Prelude"Bought this radiator for my 98 Honda Prelude since my stock one was busted. Install was so simple and easy. Cooling seemed to be better than the stock one and it just looks awesome. I'm pretty happy with my purchase."
10Courtney58304M3"Beautiful piece. It went in easily and has performed well so far. I've been to a HPDE and 2 auto-x and the coolant temp has been dead center the whole time. I also feel much better not having to worry about emminent failure of my 100K stock radiator."
10Jose46179Civic"I have been unfortunetly putting my vehicle through tuff rush hour conditions (yeah it sucks sitting in traffic) but I know my Fliudyne is up for the challenge, severe uphill roads and no signs of my Fluidyne giving way anytime soon! Im really happy I had an oppurtunity to purchase this item through HPF. Thanks"
10Curtis37378Supra"Perfect, everything was in the kit I purchased, fit was perfect, it took me no time to install and wire up. Would surely purchase another one if needed."
8Nick37338Supra"Product performs flawlessly, only problem was the pegs on the bottom of the rad for mounting were welded a bit too far apart which made installation hard (i had to stand on the rad to get it in)"
10Chris47748Civic"excellent product, fitment was perfect."
10Taylor28428Integra"great product, but shipping took way way to long, like 2 months."
9Doug27612Integra"the radiator works excellent in my is now drivable and runs a lot cooler than it did with the stock radiator and with redline's water wetter, it also improves the coolness...thanks"
10Lupe27247CRX"excellent radiator easy to install on my 1990 civic dx ."
7Terrance32828Civic"Great product, but had to use b series radiator hoses."
10Jared24439Integra"excellent product, 24psi, 550whp, daily driven, have'nt overheated yet."
10Jose24489M3"The radiator is very nice, the construction of the radiator was top notch,i havnt tested the radiator but fitment issues was not a problem, basically drop-in. But what made it better was the customer service and the expedited mail service. The package got there a day sooner than expected, so yea good job HPF! Ill be orering another set of radiators for my other rides."
9Ben50692Supra"Exact fit, no problems."
10Jerry22291Supra"Excellent customer service, I enjoyed dealing with you guys. Ron was very helpful and I recieved my part that I needed the next day."
10Michael22425Supra"The fluidyne radiator is the best radiator i could find for my supra. It was an exact fit in place of the original radiator with no modifications. It also did an excellent job of keeping the engine at cool temperatures. Looks great. Everything you could want in an aluminum radiator"
8Josh22115Integra"Vehicle: 96 Integra LS Great radiator! Love the looks, better cooling and durability then the stock radiator. Installation not to difficult; it had taken much longer then I anticipated. I did run into a few problems. 1. If you have air conditioning you will probably have to purchase a thin line cooling fan, ask the salesperson and make sure they know you have A/C. 2. You may not be able to use the stock radiator mounts with the fluidyne radiator.(I was able to shape them to fit with a vise, but I highly recommend purchasing mounts.) 3.If you have any problems got to the fluidyne website and contact them. They answered and helped me solve every question I had. I hope this was helpful,enjoy! -Josh"
8William21705Corvette"The product itself was fine except the Brass hose connector was missing from the factory. It was difficult to install the purchased connector (NPT threads) without cross-threading in the aluminum. Have to be very careful about that. All this should have been done in factory before shipping. There were no instructions, and it was difficult to get the rad positioned and the upper shroud installed with everything in the correct position. Instructions should have said remove the rubber upper guides from the upper shroud and place on the spacer bars on top of the rad. Then install rad in place in lower shroud, and fit upper shroud over rad. Use an ice pick to pull rubber nipples of rubber guides through holes in upper shroud. That trick was the only way that worked to get the rad properly in place."
9Ben20406M3"awesome performance, but mounting up, had to use some zip ties at the top to get it to mount properly. Ultimately not a problem. Fluidyne makes awesome radiators, period."
9Brian8570Mustang"The part performs exactly how i expected it. it took a little massaging to get it to fit correctly but it finally went in and it fit very nicely. i recommend this product to anyone with a high performance car that is looking to update there cooling system to match the rest of there high performance vehicle."
10Alex18670Supra"Car ran soooo much cooler. I love it. Thanks HPF!!!"
10Kevin18521Eclipse"Product performs great. Easy to install. Vehicle runs great with product installed. Quality is great. HorsePower freaks had my radiator shipped out to DHL in minutes after I made my order. Customer Serivce is great. Deffinately would recommend HorsePower Freaks!"
7Adrian16120Mustang"The fluidyne radiator was great. It definitely helped bring my engine temps. down."
10AdrianSupra"awsom radiator works perfectly and paired with fl fans will cool in extreem temps 115+"
10Chong17585Supra"Excellent quality and easy to install. Highly recommended to any supra."
9Thomas3458Integra"Quality product, exceptional performance. The top tank of the radiator seemed to be missing two key factory bolting positions to remount the OEM AC fan. Two alum. bar straps had to be fabricated and welded on to securely fasten the fan."
9Ben14825Supra"this product solved all my problems with over heating and also looks was a pretty easy installation too."
10UriCREclipse"Excellent product,I have a little problem of fitment because my front mounted intercooler but was very easy to fix, my car doesn't overheat anymore. Very glad I got this radiator"
10Bob12242Mustang"Love it and thanks for offering it at a great price!"
9DanielMustang"This product was excellent. The fit is about 90%. I had to use a pry bar to get it snug into the factory mounting points. Even then it stretches the factory rubber mounts to the max. I haven't taken it to the track yet, but it keeps 550 nitrous hp cool on the street. Knowing the fluid capacity would have been nice too. Overall, Great product, looks awesome, functions flawlessly."
10Brett1631Supra"Very High quality, and VERY simple and easy to install. Just take the old one out and drop this one in. Its as easy as that."
10Dante10602Integra"the quality is great, looks just as good. my car runs noticeably cooler and i installed it in the dark in under an hour with no complications"
9Brian9097Camaro"Perfect fit and quick install, heating issues were eliminated. Excellent construction, clean welds."
9Jerry10565WRX"The product was received in a timely manner. The installation went well and the product does a great job of keeping the engine cool under high boost conditions. The one minor flaw is that the radiator had a few bent fins when received that were easily fixed with the proper tool."
10BradSupra"This is a must for any stock Supra or for those of us were stupid and installed electric fans. Fit and finish were perfect and the price was great too."
9Alvaro2788Prelude"Looks good, Does the Job Right!"
10Steve7577Supra"Easy bolt on modification. My stocker was clogged so I went with arguably the best aftermarket out there for the Supra TT. All bracketry and shroud fitment was great and the car seems to be running cooler in the summer heat. I am a happy camper."
10Jason5418Civic"The Product (Fluidyne Rad) was perfect in every aspect and performance. Wouldn't consider any other rad and this is on a turbo application."
8Derek3853Eclipse"good quality, cooling has improved."
10Rodrigo2189Supra"It is a perfect bolt on, very easy to install, and the finish is one of the best. Defenitely the best radiator replacement."
10Jeremy5796Supra"This is a very good buy for anyone building a fast car. I was also very pleased with how fast it got to my house. It fit perfectly and will be buying more products from horsepower freaks in the future."
9JT4838Supra"tremendous product highly rcommend it!!"
9John6254Eclipse"looks really nice qwik shipment and fairly easy installation, only draw back is that i had to shave the inner edge of both fan housings to make it fit to the bolt pattern without overlapping, does run a little cooler, i dont see this thing ever leaking or breaking, for awesome looks good performance and great service i dont think you could go wrong"
10Ryan2377Supra"The radiator has and still is performing well. I had no problems with installation, easy bolt-on. Also, I have received many compliments for it on how it is a beatiful sight in the engine bay. Overall, I am VERY satisfied with the product. Thanks HPFREAKS! - Ryan"
10Matthew4818Integra"direct drop in no modifications needed,no speed gain, no hp gain, holds plenty of coolant, cant really tell if car runs cooler or not good peace of mind knowing its good quality."
10Cory1752Eclipse"works great and performs flawlessly. keeps the car nice and cool, and i would suggest it to anyone with an eclipse"
10John5751Supra"This radiator solved all my overheating problems. Can't believe how much of a difference it made! I can now take my car to speeds I have never taken it before and not worry about it overheating. Great product and will always recommend Fluidyne!"
8BoostedSupraEclipse"Had an over heating problem with my car when boosting in the summer. This RAD made my car run much, much cooler. It looks great, welds are pretty good, polished aluminum is nice and shiny. It's also very easy to install and gives the engine bay is nice little touch of bling bling."
10Scott2792Eclipse"This is an excellent product and Ive had no complaints since I bought it. The only thing I would recommend, is that either they drop the price down a bit, or include a matching SPAL fan already mounted to it like C&R racing , which sells theirs for $500; about the same price as the Fluidyne."
10Dan2810Supra"very competitive price"
10Jesse2385Eclipse"great product came just as expected in great time"
9Paul3202WRX"Had it installed by a dealer with no problems. Everything bolted right in as expected. Don't think it increased power very much but i noticed the oil temperature was about 5-10 degrees cooler. Main reason i bought it was for benefits to maintaining the engine longevity under rough driving. Satisfied with the product."
10Charles2174Supra"works great, looks good. i've been using this for 6 months now w/ my hks type s fmic and i haven't experienced any overheating problems on hot days, bad traffic, etc."