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4 Reviews for (Full Throttle PROMAF Translators)

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10)
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Full Throttle  Full Throttle PRO MAF Translators  

Overall Rating (9.2 of 10) - 4 Reviews  Write Review

10Jim60894"The install was easier than the manufacturer made it out to be. I even had my autobody guys son who is a newly licensed mechanic tune it and he did fine street tuning it and now we need to fine tune on the dyno. We added an HKS FCD to eliminate cut offs and now she runs like a bat outta hello. It helps that they also found the HKS intercooler leak from a missing bolt that seems to have added over 100 hp to it. Great product."
9adam89848"This is an amazing product, that works very well. the only downside is it being really complicated, but thats my fault for not knowing how to use it yet :)"