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17 Reviews for (Generic DualPillar Pods)

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10)
Generic Dual Pillar Pods

Generic Dual Pillar Pods  

Overall Rating (8.6 of 10) - 17 Reviews  Write Review

9supraSjSupra"Nice product. No issues when installing. Match stock dash colors"
9Greg87742Supra"overall fantastic product. looks great and i really like that it incorporates the "holy **** handle" into the pod. minor fitment issues, but nothing a hacksaw, sandpaper and some pushing and pulling didnt fix!!"
10justin60428Supra"excellent fit and perfect color match"
9Chris48932Supra"Only problem found was had to sand a little to make it look right. Color is close also."
8John37303Supra"Good product, looks like a stock piece. A little sanding and a slight trim in a few spots. Nothing aftermarket is perfect, but this was close."
10David29336Supra"Fit and looks good. Could come with better screw."
6DerekSupra"Part does its job. Looks ok unless you actually examine it. Install is easy but requires some sanding to help with fitment. Does leave some gaps along door trim and at the top."
10David46186Supra"pod fits perfectly ive had nothing but great comments about it .... it lookes like stock and I "was" the only one in my supra club to have one until everyone commented on the original look"
9Brian4221Supra"Great fit, Im sure the best a-piller that you can buy for the money."
7Aaron10509Supra"color isn't an exact match and fitment isn't quite as good as expected, but overall it's a good buy for the price."
10Jasper3264Supra"great product with perfect fitment. thanks!"
9Weston1855Supra"I was suprised that these pillar pods incorporated the stock "Oh Crap" handles and everything. Gauges fit into the pods fairly tightly keeping them from moving around. Only complaint i had was that there was a little gap on the drivers door side of the pillar pods. Other than that they have very good craftsmanship."
9Kareem1587Supra"I ordered the Dual pod after returning the triple that i thought i wanted. It turns out that the dual pod fit great. Amber was vey friendly with the return and the shipping of the dual pod pillar. great service and great parts. Kareem 97 SP BK67GT"
6Derek13Supra"Installed on 94 Supra. Mold and plastic quality is good, but the upper corner doesn't fit flush on the door molding at the top. Not a major problem, but doesn't look factory if your picky. I painted it with flat-black before install and it matches the interior very well."