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24 Reviews for (Generic TriplePillar Pods)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Generic Triple Pillar Pods

Generic Triple Pillar Pods  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 24 Reviews  Write Review

10supraheelfan910Supra"The fitment was perfect no cutting or fabbing needed and it does actually look as factory as it can look."
9Eric64086Supra"It looks good fits pretty dang good, just doiesnt fit perfectup top but, still looks amaxing and doesnt effect how it works, I will definitly buy more"
10Dave94481Supra"Great product and quality I did not have any issues with it fit perfectly. Will buy from again thanks"
8aaron97206Supra"Fitment was pretty good, Needs a little modification here and there but otherwise pretty damn good!"
9BHG_LOLSupra"Pretty basic idea here, you'll likely need to file the inside of the holes (toward the pillar, unless you want your gauges to sit funny) to get your gauges to fit tightly. Some people may complain about his aspect of the product, but if you think for a minute, not every 52mm or 60mm gauge is going to ALWAYS be EXACTLY that size. This is likely done to ensure fitment is somewhat flexible. =)"
10MCEclipse"Absolutely Top Product Fits 1A to the Original Pillar. I bought 2 of them! No shipping issues to Germany HPF Rocks the Globe ;) Thanks Guys !!!"
87M-KDLSupra"The part fit pretty well but had to be trimmed slightly. I knew that there was a good chance trimming would be needed and I was not upset because it was easily done with a razor knife. The color also matches my interior very well. I am pleased with this gauge pod."
10Lawrence73844Supra"Excellent piece great buy and color"
10David65664Supra"I don't know why they call this "Generic", it was absolutely perfect. It fit with ease, was molded correctly, absolutely high quality, I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to add extra gauges to their car or truck!"
9chan58741Supra"great gauge pod almost a perfect fit just needs a little trimming"
10KeithSupra"arrived as stated. Looks awesome but definitely will need to be trimmed a bit. I will be installing this on the car this weekend for sure."
10Matt53634Supra"Ordered product and got it fast and without hasstle. Good communication and perfect peice! A+"
10Michael48660Supra"bolt-on direct fit"
10chris26561Supra"It fits great. Was easy to install but had to make modifications to the stock piece to allow the gauge pillar to fit over the stock one. Awesome Product as always. Thanks HPF!"
9Jeff61467Supra"For the price of this 3 gauge Pillar pod, I'm thoroughly impressed. The color looks almost PERFECT to my blue interior and the fitment was, for the most part, proper. It lines along the side of the dash perfect but could use a *tad* bit of trimming...otherwise, still fits fine without it. Well worth it!"
7Aaron43421EVO"The guage pod looks a little off if you are looking for it. There were some fitment issue during installation. I had to trim off some of the outside to get it to sit more flush. But overall pretty good for the price and the color match is great."
6Rick34082Supra"The part looks very nice & color matches well.Problem I have experienced is that 2 of 3 gauges have long bodies & there is not enough room for them to fit flush.They stick out a little bit.The gauges were Greddy JDM that I purchased used on Internet."
10Matthew32001Supra"the pillar pod i ordered for my 91 supra installed quickly and easily, my package was shipped received quickly HPF is the best around i highly recommend to purchase your products through them. thanks guys matt greencastle,pa"
10Nick28460Supra"flawless, great product, gauges fit perfect and color matches very well, worth every penny."
9Yamil15129Supra"easy install (drilling involved) . I had to file down the 60mm holes to fit my 60mm gauges but that insured a tight fit. The new pillar is a tiny tiny bit smaller that the shock unit."
8Milo2335Supra"Fit is very good. Just had to dremel out the 52mm holes to 60mm for Greddy p/h gauges."
9August5557Supra"Fits and looks great. Holes were slightly smaller than the Apexi EL2 gauges, but a little sanding and all is well."
6Peter95310Supra"Starting to warp a bit :("
8John585Supra"Nice fit and finish. A complete replacement and is easy to install. A little intrusive as in your face. The last guage ends up real close to your face. I would have gone with a 2 pod."