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1 Reviews for (Grimmspeed CrankPulley Removal Tools)

Overall Rating (8 of 10)
Grimmspeed Crank Pulley Removal Tools

Grimmspeed  Grimmspeed Crank Pulley Removal Tools  

Overall Rating (8 of 10) - 1 Reviews  Write Review

8Aaron123639"This wonderful tool only receives a 8 instead of a 10. For uninstalling the crank pulley on my 1995 Subaru Legacy Outback it failed. The smaller 4 bolt pattern did fit just fine, however the bolts themselves are not long enough nor are they strong enough to hold up to pulley removal. However when installing my new GrimmSpeed lightweight crank pulley it worked like a charm. It synced up and locked into the pulley cleanly and 94 ft-lbs later it was in place perfectly.I would recommend that GrimmSpeed change out the smaller bolts to a grade 8 quality and make them about 1/8 to 1/4 inch longer."