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13 Reviews for (HKS FCDFuel Cut Controllers)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
HKS FCD Fuel Cut Controllers

HKS  HKS FCD Fuel Cut Controllers  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 13 Reviews  Write Review

10Jose Rafael Fe69664MR2"very good seller and very good parts thanks"
10Michael48660Supra"works perfect , very easy to install, good stuff"
9Jesse6214Eclipse"The FCD was a pain to install, but thats mitsu's fault, not HKS's, the ECU is tucked in the dash so it makes it hard to work on but after i got the ECU pulled out where i could work on it, the rest of the install was easy, and it completely fixed the fuel cut problem that i was having, it seems to be boosting more steady also! This is a great product, well worth the money!"
10Jacob43922RX-7"Any fuel cut is going to work the same, but im just a fan of HKS, I think its alittle (easier) to use though."
8charles83575Supra"this product does exactly what it says, i was pleased with the overall results. i did not care for the quality of the connectors supplied with the kits and opted to use duestch style terminals,they have a more positive connection."
9Jonathon36177MR2"Great product, easy to install, easy to use. My only complaint is that the manual isn't quite correct for the MR2."
10Chris25533Supra"Easy to install, cleared up my fuel cut problem, worked great"
10Adrian15187Supra"works great! solved all my fuel cut problems"
10Raymond14906Eclipse"I went from high 12's to high 11's in about an hours time!!! Need I say anything else:)"
8Amarit11613MR2"it was a good product. it was installed on my mr2 turbo, but then it wasn't needed because of the Apex'i SAFCII"
10Emilio2501Supra"great price, great service and will buy from horsepower every time."
10Marck6211Eclipse"Very detailed instructions. Works much better and car idles better than removing the MAF honeycombs. Great product"