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6 Reviews for (HKS SLDSpeed Limiter Cut Controllers)

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10)
HKS SLD Speed Limiter Cut Controllers

HKS  HKS SLD Speed Limiter Cut Controllers  

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

8Haseeb2143"Works perfectly on my JDM CL9 5AT. Had to do a little bit of work to translate the Japanese wiring diagram to English. Thanks to google translate. However cruise control is still locked at 110km/hr."
5Eric33897"Caveat Emptor: This product may not work on your car. I made every possible attempt to make it work with my current engine mods and it wouldn't work with my transmission and now I am stuck with a product that I can't return. I wasted $150 that I could have spent on something I now would work otherwise. Buyer beware."
9Marco23819"Works like it's supposed to, easy installation. great stuff"