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40 Reviews for (HKS MetalHead Gaskets)

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10)
HKS Metal Head Gaskets

HKS  HKS Metal Head Gaskets  

Overall Rating (9.6 of 10) - 40 Reviews  Write Review

10siannahkaMR2"All good"
10Terrell4746Supra"Great product. great addition to curing notorious mkiii blown head gasket woes. Worth the money spent."
9Dennis102818Supra"Perfect fit just what i needed, no more headgaskets issues with this product. Thanks HFreaks.."
10Michael98457Supra"great product. much better than the fel-pro ones, which only lasted about 20,000 miles each. engine runs smoother than it ever had. great buy!!"
10rafaSupra"its a good item..its installed on my car works good no problems at all.easy to install fits perfect..."
10Gary62290Supra"Worked exactly as expected."
8Junior544Supra"I put mine on a mkiii supra, the head gasket was a exact match and is the only true multi layer head gasket out there that I found the quality is good comprising of three layers of steel to seal great no difference in horsepower but is a great insurance policy to make sure it doesn't blow again by far the best on the market."
10Dave50838Supra"I'm running the HKS Stopper on my highly modified 7MGTE compression is holding strong at 24psi and the engine seems to have alot more life then it had running the other Metal gaskets. The extra bead really makes a differance HKS quality AAA+++."
10Ahmed50004Integra"Im so glad i bought it. It was really easy to install. I defintly felt a huge power gain and it felt alot faster. Its still on the car and its doing great the quality of this product was way more than I expected. I wil always buy from Horsepowerfreaks!!!!!"
10Sean42985Supra"it was exactly what i expected, and it came to me very quickly, with no defects."
8Johan29842Supra"Hard to fit."
10David29336Supra"It is not easy to install but if you have a mechanic friend and time it is not bad.Any headgasket on MK3 is tough.15#boost and no problem yet.Should sell with whole gasket kit.DO valve job at same time."
10Peter29558Miata"Part was high quality and in perfect working condition. SHipping was excellent, fast and safe for the heasd gasket. HorsepowerFreaks gets an A++ from this customer."
10Harley27292Supra"Product installed with out any issues. Product fits perfectly and is holding under 14+ lbs of boost."
9Raza13354MR2"grat quality..! after all its HKS!"
10Michael27021Supra"Great product. I have used these for years and have never had one fail!! If you run a lot of boost this is a good one to use on a 7MGTE"
9Aaron26346Integra"This headgasket is exactly as stated, a mls headgasket for the d16a1 or zc. Quality is comparable with any other mls headgasket. I only gave it a 9 out of 10 because of the extreme price of this product. For single cam honda's you can just go to napa and purchase a mls headgasket for under fifty dollars, Since the d16a1 and zc engines never came with a mls gasket you cant just pick one up at napa. The "hks" gasket is exactly the same material and construction as the napa ones. Im "the customer" is just paying three times as much for the hks name and availability. Bottom line is the gasket is performing just like Id expect a napa mls gasket to perform on any single cam civic engine."
10Richard26293Supra"so far so good now i need my clutch fixed"
9Ian24700Supra"Easy to install.Prep work must be done write or big trouble.But that is normal for this product.Cant go wrong with HKS.You get what you pay for.Great headgasket."
10Mark24178Integra"perfect product you cant complain about this headgasket"
10Edwin9901Supra"So far the metal head gasket is doing awsome its been a few months of flooring and racing and so far the HG is holding beautifully. Hopefully this will end the HG blues"
8David14516Supra"A quality HKS product. I only have 41 miles on this new gasket. But so far so good!"
10Jason3019Supra"great product. necessary for any boosted MKIII application. flawless install. thanks HPF."
10Steve18867Supra"I had to go with the thick 3mm headgasket because my cylinder head was pretty badly warped. It sealed great, is holding 15psi with no issues, Im Happy."
10James11600MR2"Works great"
10carlSupra"great product"
10Adrian15187Supra"great product long but easy install. thanks you freaks"
9Richard15278Supra"i love the part..great part for any mkiii builder"
10Mike(Rodney)1570Corolla"HKS always come through with great product. This head gasket was one serious looking unit and has held up just as expected."
10Corrine9712Integra"Performed with unabashed glory. It's held the boost with gusto."
10Jason3077Supra"Awsome product!"
10Christopher4480Supra"came very will packaged. boltted right on thanks"