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19 Reviews for (HKS Hi-Power HiperExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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HKS  HKS Hi-Power Hiper Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 19 Reviews  Write Review

9tyler91729Integra"Best exhaust for hondas period hands down"
10Patrick56718240SX"The pipe was incredibly easy to install and fits just like it should. It is built well and coated so it shouldn't rust. I have not done enough driving or dyno to see a noticeable power increase, but the sound is incredible and definitely gets you noticed. This is one of the nicest exhausts I have ever heard. Thanks for offering it cheaper than anywhere else!"
8Jason31149S2000"Not much of a gain, but thats next to impossible w/ this car just w/ an exhaust. But the sound is awsome. Nice low growl. Very nice quality as well, took like 20min to bolt on, by myself, I would recommend."
8Dustin25513RSX"Installation was easy,no problems and sounds good!"
9Ben23412Eclipse"great overall"
6BlakeS2000"being it was a big name brand like HKS i expected nothing but perfection and high performance. my whp went from 194 to 187 when i put the exhaust on. would be better without the ceptic tank in the middle and without the smaller pipes leading to the mufflers. the install only took me about 25min so that was a blessing. but as far as sound goes it sounded great very quiet at idle (until i did my own work to it)"
6alejo11680Corolla"it's alright but to bad it didn't come with the test pipe,to pricy too.installing it was 1-10 a 5 power gain not that much without cams, quality it was alright again but i should have custom made an exhaust because it would have been cheaper.the 1985-87 gts corolla is overrated and thats why the prices are to expensive, drifting is a in thing now days but i'm not a drifter"
10Daniel15754240SX"Probably the best exhaust system available. There may be different systems with a slightly better flow spec or horsepower rating, but due to superior fitment, excellent looks, and the best exhaust tone I've heard on a 240sx, it gets 10/10."
10IanRSX"The hks hi-power exhaust is a great product. It gave me a lot more performance than I expected, and it gives the vehicle a very rich and deep sound. It exceded my expectations and mine were pretty high. I highly recomend this exhaust system."
10Richard240SX"THE BEST exhaust system I have ever had on my cars! The welds are flawless, system bolts up PERFECTLY, no modification necessary. The sound is very deep and throaty, sounds excellent when you really get on the gas! I HIGHLY recommend this exhaust system! Just get it already, you won't be disappointed!!!"
10Justin14486S2000"great sounding exhaust!"
10David13782Eclipse"This sytem sounds really good. It has a deep sound which i really like!"
8Drew67344Corolla"Awesome product. I love the way it sounds. The only issue I have with it is the piping near where it meets the cat is not 60mm. It's probably more like low 50 mm. I think it's only about 1.9" instead of about 2.25 that the rest of the system is. Everything else is great. It was an easy install, all the pieces needed were included."
8Eric10490IS300"Love the deep throughty sound and extra hp. Just wish it didnt disclour w/ the heat. Oh well, thats just the way metal is."
10Jim2387Civic"I wanted an exhaust that would be on the quiet side but still offered the performance I was looking for. The HKS Hyper did not let me down. While driving normal I hardly notice it's there, but a down shift and pedal down changes everything, especially when the Vtec kicks in. It has a nice deep growl to it, not like most that sound like bees, or a leaf blower. I am currently running the Hyper exhaust with a 4-2-1 DC Sports header and an AEM cold air intake. There is a significant throttle response over the stock setup. The exhaust went on easy, but the hanger brackets seem too short, the exhaust tip would have been directly against the bumper had I not made plastic spacers to force into the hangers. With the spacers in the exhaust looks great on my car. This was the exhaust I was looking for,not too loud when driving easy, great sound when not. It looks great on the car as well. I have had many compliments on both."
10Omar2097300ZX"It is a great exhaust my car breathes out very well and sounds great"