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11 Reviews for (HKS Super DragerExhaust Systems)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
HKS Super Drager Exhaust Systems

HKS  HKS Super Drager Exhaust Systems  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 11 Reviews  Write Review

9MK35522Supra"Thanks for the superb services .. More orders will be placed from me in the future."
10Craig53811Supra"I bought this to quiet my MKIV Supra TT down to low CA exhaust noise levels (switched from VWR 4"). I haven't had any problems with cops yet, as the noise is very reasonable at idle and cruise, though it does get moderately loud and sound great at higher throttle. The quality, fit and finish is great - exactly what I've come to expect from HKS parts. The power gain is noticeable, though the weight is on the high side due to such a large muffler."
9Nicholas50460Prelude"Easy to install, it took about an hour, has a deep tone to it...good product."
10Alex35251Supra"love the hks exhaust. had no fittment issues whatsoever. I only wish it was a tiny bit louder, but my neighbors probably are happy its not. I give the product and service a 10."
10stephenSupra"awsome fitment,quality,and sound."
5Naoki3037Integra"I was expecting to get the hole exhaust system such as the down pipe. I`m very concerned the product is missing some parts. Please write me back. P.S the HKS exhaust were deliver on time but it had a miner dents."
10Todd11522Supra"i love this exhaust it sounds awsome looks great everyone i know loves it very easy to install it came with all the parts to make the install quick and easy and HPF had the lowest price i counld find very happy :)"
8Tony1668Supra"The product performed real good, installation was cake(easy). I had this exhaust for 6months now. The quality on exhaust is not all that good, but not bad. (where i live, my exhaust sees "speed bumps" like 1-2 times a week) So its mainly me doing the damage to the exhaust. Another thing about this is that the exhaust is way too quiet, but it sounds real good ;) If you want to have a conversation when you roll in your supz, and not get hassel by cops, its a great investment."
9David1150Supra"I installed it myself. Love the look and the sound I have had a HKS exhaust before infact I sold it to buy this over 8 years old and still going strong"