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3 Reviews for (HKS AFRFuel Computers)

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10)
HKS AFR Fuel Computers

HKS  HKS AFR Fuel Computers  

Overall Rating (8.3 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

6Aaron3545"The S-AFR was easy to install, and it's slim dimensions made finding a mounting place easy. It didn't work as expected though. It says it's a universal computer, but it wasn't compatable with the signal from my vehicle's Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. I have a '00 Pontiac Grand Am, which uses both a MAF and MAP sensor. The MAF uses a Hertz signal, while the MAP uses a voltage signal. I tried hooking it into the MAP signal and it seemed to work properly, but the service engine light came on. Also, my car uses the MAF for primary fuel enrichment calculations, so the HKS unit wasn't able to solve my fueling problems as expected. I sold it to someone with a car that it would work better on."
9Doug2961"Awesome piggy back. No flashy screen and works great on my mkiii"