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10 Reviews for (HKS SMFAir Filters)

Overall Rating (8.4 of 10)
HKS SMF Air Filters

HKS  HKS SMF Air Filters  

Overall Rating (8.4 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

10Chris12468"filter was fine its just foam.. But I managed to strip one of the little bolts changing out the filter.. :("
9Victor37672"Excellent quality, excellent performance."
8Tim43549"looks fine"
10Marco23819"This item was like unwrapping a present, looks great, perfectly designed and more durable due to the fact the filtercloth can be changed (in different colors) when dirty. The steel back gives good strenght to the filter."
8Marco23819"Easy fitting due to size, easy for example mounting on the end of AEM V2."
9kari12920"the only filter I had enough room for was this filter and it fit perfect, looks good, and havent had a problem with it yet, kinda pricey though but it gets the job done."
8Mike23343"good but didnt give as much power as expectied"
9toua75665"its a qaulity peaice. nice looks. good veolocity design."
6Alexandre19049"I bought this filter for the quality (compare to APC) but i had the same problem: the top screw that holds the filter in place got loose and fell in the street, then broke.I bought this product 3 months ago"
7Doug2961"Alright filter. Couldn't tell if it did anything cause I put it on my car along with a turbo."