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HKS Super Hybrid Air Filters

HKS  HKS Super Hybrid Air Filters  

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9Sam121425350Z"The HKS filters are supposed to be a direct replacement for the OEM panel-type filters for the 350Z with the VQ35HR engine (2007-08 model years). Two filters are needed for the car's dual air intakes; their size and fit did in fact match the OE paper filters and I was able to install them in the two air boxes with little trouble. The HKS design does not have a rubber sealer like the OE version, so a little care is needed when closing the airboxes to make sure the filters' frames seat properly. The filters appear to provide some benefit in terms of immediate throttle response, especially in the middle of the rev. range (3,000-6000 rpm), and to me the engine pulls slightly stronger approaching redline at 7,500 rpm than with a stock filter pair. There may be a small power benefit but if so a controlled experiment with a series of bench or dynamometer runs would be needed to measure this quantitatively. The HKS website says the 3-layer foam filter should be changed every 6,000-10,000 km, or approx. 3,700-6,200 miles! I intend to run this first set up to 5-6,000 miles and see how they look and what the engine oil looks like at service intervals. I hope they're durable enough to last longer than this (I'm in southern California, a relatively dusty environment). One nice feature of this design is that the nylon frame can be opened to replace the foam inserts with replacements, so one doesn't have to buy a new set of the complete filters at every change interval."