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11 Reviews for (HKS Super Mega FlowAir Intakes)

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10)
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HKS  HKS Super Mega Flow Air Intakes  

Overall Rating (9.3 of 10) - 11 Reviews  Write Review

10Julie94830Passat"The intake was very easy to install. My car gained about 10 hp at the the wheels. Overall it's a great product."
10Joshua28005240SX"The product came with everything and insalation was prety straight forward. As for performance, throttle responce was improved and it sounds nice and loud at WOT. Overall a great air intake."
10MikeProtege"Easiest item I have ever put on any vehicle! Goes great with my Greddy exhaust. Wasnt sure how it would work on a non-turbo car but I can tell a big difference. I highly recommend this intake to anyone trying to squeeze out those last little ponies needed to win the race"
10Dennis26680RX-7"the HKS intakes are great. Specially, after tunning my car."
10Shannon165823000GT"Definately can tell the difference in my VR-4."
10AdrianSupra"nice fit nice look overall good"
10SergioEclipse"An Awsome product for anyone looking for great performance increased throttle response, horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Thanks again HorsePowerFreaks for great products."
3Kent2218WRX"The product its self was well made, however the vehicle specific fit for wrx was far from perfect, and the diameter of the tubing was incorrect for the vehicle specified."