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7 Reviews for (HPF Bronze - Supra MK3 TurboClutch Disks)

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10)
HPF Bronze - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Disks

HPF  HPF Bronze - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Disks  

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

9Jim96362Supra"very quiet clutch and holds great!"
9charles80610Supra"Also bought the RPS 3200lb pressure plate.Very solid and h ooks up hard.Seems to ingages well at 2000 rpm.Only owned for 600 miles.Might have given it a 10,but I havent owned it long enough."
10Jake36187Supra"great feel to it for less money then the sprung disk. any specific questions feel free to ask me on sf or sm, my name is jizake1jz."
10carlos25120Supra"an OUTSTANDING product. Its half the cost of similar clutches, but gripped nicer than my stage 5 spec. A stock-like feel with the brass 5 puck grip. and its REBUILDABLE at a VERY NICE PRICE. Use the instructions from the HPF website for proper break in and maintenance. Professional install is recommended. many sincere thanks! "
10Chris16236Supra"Excellent clutch!!! Feels like stock and holds a ton of power"
10Mark15137Supra"At first i thought this was not going to be very streetable, but i got used to it very quickly!!! Works well with my 450+whp Supra!!! Great Product."
10Sean13672Supra"This clutch has done everything I hoped it would and more. It even has a great around town mannerism. I would highly recommend this clutch to anyone wanting an upgraded clutch that performs great on the track and the street."