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5 Reviews for (HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 TurboClutch Disks)

Overall Rating (7.6 of 10)
HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 Turbo Clutch Disks

HPF  HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 Turbo Clutch Disks  

Overall Rating (7.6 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

7Randy30755Supra"great disc.. pretty rough on engaugement but only at lower rpms... other than that its great."
8Matthew25115Supra"I thought the driveability was much better than people had told me, however I'm a little more experinced at driving high clamp load pressure plates than most people."
8Maiquen14031Supra"This product was a class A product, very easy to install. All my expectation has been met by using this product. I recommend this product to all MKIV owners."
6Jason31Supra"the clutch was definetly slippable and very smooth! the thing that i was disappointed over was that it fused on me about 4 times or so while launching the car. sometimes not even a really hard launch but a medium one... other than that from a roll i don't think the clutch slipped and held the power nicely.. if you drag race, i think this clutch is a 6.. if you don't drag race AT ALL, i would rate this clutch at a 8.5 "