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2 Reviews for (HPF Feramic 6 puck - Supra MK3 TurboClutch Disks)

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HPF Feramic 6 puck - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Disks zoom

HPF  HPF Feramic 6 puck - Supra MK3 Turbo Clutch Disks  

Overall Rating (10 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

10Clay22860Supra"Works great nice engagment not to harsh with the OEM FW holds all the power Ive thrown at it (gt35r 22psi)will use again in the future!"
10AdamSupra"This clutch just keeps getting better. It is amazingly smooth, grips well and is quite forgiving. Far less chatter than with my previous SPEC stage 3. While I have yet to really stress it, I picked up .2 in the 1/4 at the same boost level vs. the SPEC stage 3 (the SPEC wasn't holding...). Hopefully it will stand up to some real drag launches and last a while too, I'll post more when I know..."