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9 Reviews for (HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 TurboClutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10)
HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 Turbo Clutch Kits

HPF  HPF Bronze - Supra MK4 Turbo Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8.8 of 10) - 9 Reviews  Write Review

9Josh37109Supra"This is a great clutch kit for the supra. I have not had any problems what so ever with it. Another this let me just say its STIFF."
5JeremySupra"The clutch is awesome at holding the power. It held my 770rwhp with no slipping for about 4 months. Only bad part, it will crankwalk your motor if you arent careful. I dont even have a clutch bypass switch and it still crankwalked. If you have this clutch or plan to buy it, dont hold down the clutch for any reason other than changing gears and pray your motor holds up."
8Anthony14223Supra"Clutch is good,i love it . Thanks guys ."
10Jimmy18594Supra"I am using this clutch with the RPS flywheel. It engages great. I can't really say if the pedal pressure is the same or greather than stock because I just went from a clutch that was extremely harder than stock. In light of that, the clutch pedal pressure is very light. Feels like how I remember stock. Does not chatter at all unless I'm running the A/C, and then it is hardly noticable. I am very pleased."
10Alexei10711Supra"2nd clutch purchase. This on for a customer. No complaints to this day and mine is 4 years and counting no slipping and EXCELLENT feel. Thanks again Chris! I look forward to future business."
10Koua1719Supra"good holds power well. koua"
10Beau4258Supra"Chattered and had relatively harsh engagement for about 1,500 miles after installation. It is much less grabby now when starting out from a stop (daily driving) and it has held 560 rwtq on the dyno so far. So far so good."
10ChrisSupra"This clutch is so smooth. Shifting gears is like cutting butter. Definitely run it with a stock flywheel to get the most out of your clutch. It holds ALL the power."