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5 Reviews for (HPF E46 M3 Feramic Stage 2Clutch Kits)

Overall Rating (8 of 10)
HPF E46 M3 Feramic Stage 2 Clutch Kits zoom

HPF  HPF E46 M3 Feramic Stage 2 Clutch Kits  

Overall Rating (8 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

10Kristian4285M3"Wery good support, fast shipping And wery good driveability! "
3Andrew90050M3"This clutch is not suitable for SMG transmission as a daily driver, although advertised otherwise. Shutters way too much on take off. Once you get moving, it's fine. Need to change back to OEM clutch for dd."
9Alonso56753M3"Exceptional driveability for my 700WHP Monster. Minor chatter when engaging 1st at very low speeds. Otherwise smooth and holds power without a problem. Highly recommended."
9CwM3"Excellent driveability...little grabby when hot otherwise awesome."
9Jim46218M3"Good clutch and holds power very well. A little stiff, obviously to hold so much power but overall a good setup. Chatters a little more than Stage 1 at low speed. I am also experiencing a very low squelch sound during 1st gear take off only."