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15 Reviews for (HPF Front MountIntercoolers)

Overall Rating (9.9 of 10)
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HPF  HPF Front Mount Intercoolers  

Overall Rating (9.9 of 10) - 15 Reviews  Write Review

10Davin120636335Xi"Makes my car faster and louder, just as expected."
10PABLOCANO135i"I like it very much; it was easy to install as they say in HPF. It really raised the power. I would buy it again Pablo."
9Ryan24129335i"Did notice a significant power gain. Very nice looking and not too difficult to install."
10raul118884335i"This is the Best of the BEST as far as intercoolers go for the BMW N54 engine, from quality to ease of install this intercooler is just a 1/4 mile ahead of the pack. Thanks HPF for creating such a top quality product as we BMW modders barely get to see. Thunbs up on this produce. """" FLAWLESS VICTORY """""""""
10Matt101479335i"Great looking and great working piece. It came with a nice step by step guide to walk you through the installation and the customer support was very helpful. Some trimming of the back side of the plastic behind the bumper cover was needed, but that is a pretty common thing with larger intercoolers and isn't noticeable once everything is put back together. I just wish I could leave the bumper off, the high polish is too pretty to cover up :)"
10Imran9441335i"awesome quality, finish, performance and a huge plus is that it uses stock couplings. definitely recommended for any bmw n54 engines."
10Ichiban335i"The HPF 335i front mount intercooler is just top quality, period."
10Jake109268335i"Exceptional quality, fit, and finish! Very easy to install, and exceptional performance gains!"
10Joe107548335i"I installed the HPF FMIC into my Z4 s35i and the fit was perfect and the install so simple! The quality of this product is obvious right from opening the box. My stock intercooler would heatsoak within minutes. After installing the HPF FMIC I have not hit that heatsoak performance wall again, I am definitely feeling more power, and the whole engine just seems to breath much better. A great uprade even if you are not running any other mods."
10Aaron104999335i"This intercooler fits perfect and install was very easy. Lowered my intake temps and made more power than the stock unit. Great quality wish I had more money to buy all HPF products for my car."
10Dennis34900335i"works great i notice increased power in the upper RPM range"
10Penn36699335i"Quality was noticable upon opening the box. It was wonderfully packaged and looked very well designed. The endtanks were obviously designed for maximum flow, which translates into optimal IAT's and worthwile gains. Gains are more noticable as rpm and speed increase due to its ability to retard heatsoak and flow efficiently even after repeated WOT(wide open throttle)runs. I would reccommend this product to anyone that is looking for BIG gains in horsepower and lower IAT's over the stock intercooler. Thanks HPF, great product! I look forward to your future work on the N54 platform. HPF sets the bar in terms or reliablity, longevity and of course HORSEPOWER!"
10Baris3473335i"Well we bught this for a friend of mine s 3.35 coupe and he had a piggyback unit which had 9 modified maps in it and he was not able to acces last 3 maps till he got the intercooler from hpf , with it he was able use all maps for his car which shows how big an improvement this ic is over the stock and it takes only 5-6 mins to install it :D"