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1 Reviews for (Hasport F or H Series SwapMotor Mounts)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Hasport F or H Series Swap Motor Mounts

Hasport  Hasport F or H Series Swap Motor Mounts  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 1 Reviews  Write Review

9Shawn50314Accord"The kit is deisgned for a 94 Honda Accord with an H22A engine swap, my only difference is that I have a JDM 94 Accord not a USDM. These mounts are beautiful, they look like they should be on the space shuttle or a navy fighter jet...Sad they are hidden by the engine. Your engine normall has four(4) stock mounts, this kit will only have three(3)... Hasport say that you can use your stock 4th mount if you like, but it is not required. You can choose from three levels of stiffness for poly insert, but even the least stiff mount will not really require the 4th stock mount... Also if your planning to turbo that extra space is just perfect :) The only fitment issue we had was with one of the mounts which required us to us some steel washer to close the distance between it and the chasis... not sure is this is due to the JDM versus USDM. I have had the mounts for over 3 months and they are performing perfectly, they hold my engine down even with hard launches off the line."