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24 Reviews for (Hawk HPS Performance StreetBrake Pads)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pads

Hawk  Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pads  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 24 Reviews  Write Review

6KrazikenImpreza"The metal backing pads were not installed perfectly aligned on these HPS hawk pads. What that means is the hole for the backing pad and the hole for the brake pad do not light up perfectly. Three out of the four pads I could not insert thru the hanger. I had to use a drill and round out the holes. Another point is these pads for the STI don't have squeal sensors. Which is interesting because the same pad set for the IS300 (which I also installed) has squeal sensors. Performance of the pad is good. I just wish a little better attention to detail from Hawk in assembling these pads and adding a squeal sensor."
10Michael E82653Impreza"everything worked great."
9Faisal Abdul K78876CTS"High quality brake pads. It is definitely better than OEM brake pads. It has better stopping power and lower brake dust."
10Sal51556Impreza"2004 WRX wagon these are a perfect brake pad setup for the street good for high speed braking and local driving I use them for the F&R they really don't dust up alot and no sqealing hot or cold as Tony the Tiger said it their GREAT."
10Daniel72834X3"Stops Great. Very Low Dust."
9EagleDonS2000"Installed the HPS pads with Cryo rotors and seen some dusting after a few drives. Am satisfied with the pads, thanks"
9EagleDonS2000"Pads fit perfectly. However, I did notice some dusting after a few drives. I combined the HPS pads with Cyro rotors which may have caused some dust. Am satisfied with the pads, thanks."
9Jordan53578Focus"These pads are exceptional for both dry/wet conditions. Stops on a dime. They were very easy to install. Hawk says they have low brake dust but my wheels get dirty from them in a short period of time. All in all they are a great pad."
10WskyhotelCooper"So far so good. Installed easily, for me anyway. Love the response and feel."
10Eric56542F-150 Pickup"Awesome pad for my truck while towing or just driving around, minimal dust and super quiet operation. They're good."
10Randy29288Eclipse"Okay simply put, best brake pads I have ever used for street purposes. They will handle a few spirted laps at the track, but bar none, if your on the streets and looking to stop in a hurry. These are what you need. They get that extra bite, and slow the car down faster than any other brake pad that I've tried (EBC, axxis, ect). Don't get me wrong, the others work too, these just work better. FYI: dust wasn't that big of a deal, but I did't really notice a problem at all with that."
10Larry52313Mini Cooper"I chose this pad to try and reduce the amount of dust i was getting with the stock pads. Stopping power is good and I notice no fade. usage is mainly on So. Cal freeways, some hard braking at times :) not a race track but.... They run quite except during hard braking, they do their job. The dust problem is solved!! I will put the same on the rear as soon as i can."
9Lawrence34430EVO"nice paddle feel, less cleaning on wheels... the are worth the money."
10Varun43604Supra"Awesome Pads, work great with Rotora rotors, very minimal dusting and never any squeaks from breaks they stop on a dime."
10Varun43604Supra"Awesome Pads, work great with Rotora rotors, very minimal dusting and never any squeaks from breaks they stop on a dime."
10William34550Civic"These pads hold up to the reputation that comes with Hawk pads. Great Stopping power, and very low noise. I highly reccomend these. However be wary that if you have an 05 Civic Si know that the fronts do not fit correctly, but I am very pleased with the rears."
7Mason46682Legacy"After all the talk I have heard on forums about how good these pads were I was a little underwhelmed. Daily driving conditions I notice no improvement on brake pedal feel or reduced stopping distances. Where these pads really show their strength is when I am using the brakes hard and fast. They have a nice and easy initial bite but then really clamp down with progressive brake pressure. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase."
8AndyEclipse"The best pads I've used so far. Helps me slow down pretty fast. It had a slight squeal to it for the first month but after that it was very quiet."
10Stefano43872Impreza"Best pads ever, greatest street pads i've ever used, fade resistent and good for autoX. Cheap also :)"
10Stefano43872Celica"Best Brakes ever for the price. Perfect fit, fade resisten, great pads for street use"
9Michael32060EVO"bites great. low dust. squeal under hard braking as expected. QUIET under normal braking."