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10 Reviews for (Hawk Performance CeramicBrake Pads)

Overall Rating (9 of 10)
Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads

Hawk  Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 10 Reviews  Write Review

10Michael39332RAV4"These brake linings are super. They are very simple to insert, have after many, driven Milen still very much, very small brake dust and are very well to be dosed. With Rotora brake disks have it a strong bite"
5Brent78105A8"this is not the correct part for a 1997 audi a6 quattro. The wear pad indicator connections are not right. I closed the connections with a jumper so my indicator light was not on my dash. I see you guys still try to sell this part for my for my application. you should just offer the pads that have no wear pad sensor. Other than that I love the pads. you can't beat ceramic."
10Jeffrey A.67058Integra"I got three words for these pads...GENG GENG & GENG!The car stops on a dime! Even coming down off 140!PREEMER ESSENCE!!"
10Sara Leanne67415Accord
10WardCobalt"Just as easy as any other brake pad to install. only thing not included was high heat grease. Amazing performance, way faster stopping than regular pads. Installed with Cross drilled, slotted rotors was an awesome pair. essential before adding too much power"
8Richard63415Solara"Unlike the Hawk Performance Plus pads I've used, these pads emit A LOT less dust. I've put these pads to serious use in the past month and only had to clean my wheels once. The rims weren't even half as dirty as the HP+ application put to use in two weeks. The only downside with the dust is that it's extremely hard to clean some of it off as it seems to have caked or melted onto my rims (and I can even break it off!). It does come off, but with a lot of extra work. However, these pads give extreme stopping power as if I have ABS on my car; regretfully, these pads perform fair after being hot under moderate use and braking distances increase."
10Floyd43691Dakota"The Hawk Brake Pads Did exactly as advertised the stopped my truck. I didn't get the fade like my last set in washington dc beltway traffic while towing a 2500lb trailer like my last set of ceramics. Give them a definate thumps up. "
8Henry41613Prelude"I replaced my rear brakes for 1 month now. In boston, weather just started to warm up and will get better result in testing the full performance soon enough. So far, it has met my expectation in my 2000 prelude"
10Michael14161EVO"great pads"
9Michael14161EVO"great pads, squeeky"