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2 Reviews for (Hotchkis Stage 1 TVSSuspension Kits)

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Hotchkis  Hotchkis Stage 1 TVS Suspension Kits  

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10DavidCelica"Large upgrade from stock. Everything fit perfect came in prestine condition. Car handles beautifully and still has a good ride quality to it. Will buy more from them in the future."
10Scott350Z"Recently had this TSV1 kit installed on my 2003 350Z touring. The initial ride was slightly better than the stock springs, i.e. not as harsh, smoother on the bumps. But the cornering is FANTASTIC! I had the front set to the stiffest and the rear to medium. There is almost zero body roll even with high speed (>90) or tight twists. This is be best modification for the money. Lowered the frame approx. 3/4" so no need to worry about most speedbumps or driveways slopes."