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5 Reviews for (Hotchkis Sport CompSway Bars)

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Hotchkis  Hotchkis Sport Comp Sway Bars  

Overall Rating (9 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

9Michelle38903A6"The Hotchkis Sway Bar set was installed on my 2002 Audi A6 and I am very pleased with the handling performance improvement! I would buy another Hotchkis product and would also recommend them to others. Tim Burt"
9Tim18717Corolla"2000 Toyota Corolla 16” wheels, 205/45/16 Hotchkis Sway bars, adjustable rear. PDM racing end-links JIC FLT-A2 Adjustable Coil-over I purchased the Hotchkis Sway bars for my 2000 corolla in the spring of 2005. I installed them my self in my driveway the following weekend. The installation was not too difficult if you don’t mind crawling around under your car for the weekend. My OEM end-links were very difficult to get off and were not suitable for use to be put back on the car. So I purchased some racing adjustable end-links from PDM racing. USE LOCKTITE!!! The Performance gain was dramatic. Even with stock struts and springs, the car handled much more predictably. Although with out a higher spring and dampening rate in the suspension sharp quick turns were still sloppy. The most improvement was felt in long fast corners. With the adjustable rear bar, you can make the car neutral or over-steer into the corners. So that means controlled or drifting if you wish. Although drifting in a front wheel drive car is a bit tricky and dangerous. MORE GAS to plow out of the over-steer. After I installed JIC FLT-A2 Coil-overs my car handled like it was on rails. Long corners were fast and predictable, snappy turns are fun and a treat as well. Off ramps at 140kph in 4th gear on the gas are now the only was to exit the hwy. The twisties are so much fun especially when you know the road really well. Currently this is the best combination available for the 2000 corolla and it performs amazing. One negative point though. The new coil over and sway bar set up rug against one another in the rear. I had to get longer bolts of the end-links and use sleeve spacers to stop them from rubbing. Every thing else is great. "
8William21070STi"The bars work well. So far I am very pleased with them. Installation was quick and easy. Do not just install these with the factory end links. They will break at the most inopportune moment. I replaced the links with the Hotchkis units that I like because they are sealed with grease fittings. I also think that both front and rear urethane bushings & retainers should be set up with grease fittings. I added grease fittings to the end that did not come with the kit and cut small grooves in the interior of the urethane bushing for grease flow with a dremel tool. This took only about 15 minutes, but I think the kit should have come with this already complete."
9Brian16924STi"This is the best sway bar set up I have had on my car. Fit was perfect though I had to tap out the nuts in the rear mounts as they stripped the allen bolts. They were crush nuts but had too much of a crush on the end which destroyed the threads. This setup ended up being stiffer then the Perrin bars which I was switching from. They are lighter then the stock bars as well and the rear has three positions rather then Perrin's 2."