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1 Reviews for (Hypertech Max Energy- SportEngine Management Piggyback)

Overall Rating (7 of 10)
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Hypertech  Hypertech Max Energy- Sport Engine Management Piggyback  

Overall Rating (7 of 10) - 1 Reviews  Write Review

7Vernon97177350Z"I could not install the product myself. I had to hire a professional to do it. Not as advertised. It was not easy for the professional to install either, he had to make 4 calls to the company for tech info and downloads. This was a cost I had to absorb...not happy...4 days in the shop! I did see a gain in power and it is still lasting 3weeks after installation. As for quality...3 weeks in is no measure...for what I paid for this it should last the lifetime of the vehicles performance. Time will tell but I can assure you that I will not purchase another one."